YouTube Shorts
YouTube Shorts

YouTube introduced its TikTok clone in the form of YouTube shorts in the US back in March. The feature competes against TikTok and its clones, including Instagram Reels. Now the company has announced that you will be paid to use its TikTok competitor. YouTube has launched a YouTube Shorts Fund in the form of a $ 100 million fund that will be distributed over the course of 2021-2022. Anyone can join the fund by simply creating one-of-a-kind shorts.

YouTube Shorts offers users tools that allow them to create a clip of up to 15 seconds. All you have to do is tap the “Create” icon at the bottom of the YouTube homepage and select the “Create Short” option to instantly record a short video on the mobile app. Users can use tools to merge multiple clips, add a title to the background by recording music from YouTube’s vast content library, and more.

Each month, YouTube will reach thousands of developers whose short films would have received the most engagement and views. These developers are rewarded and asked to share their feedback to improve the product experience. Additionally, the YouTube Shorts Fund is not limited to just YouTube affiliate program creators. Creators are eligible to participate provided they create original short film content and adhere to our community guidelines.

According to YouTube, the priority is to create a monetization model for shorts. The company is actively working on this and will use feedback from our community to develop a long-term program specifically designed for YouTube short films. It will also expand the shorts player to more surfaces on YouTube to help people find new creators, artists, and shorts to enjoy.

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