You order apples in a supermarket and get a free Apple iPhone SE (2020)


Here’s the kind of story that makes you think to yourself as you read, “Why couldn’t this happen to me?” According to the UK mirror50-year-old Nick James placed an online order with the regional supermarket chain Tesco, which is the third largest retailer in the world by gross revenue. One of the things James put on his shopping list was apples.

The buyer orders apples online and receives his meal and an Apple iPhone SE

When he came to pick up his order, it included the kind of Apple that Nick hadn’t expected and didn’t order Apple iPhone SE. In a tweet, James said, “A big thank you to @Tesco & @tescomobile this week. On Wednesday night we picked up our click and picked up the order and had a little surprise there – an Apple iPhone SE. Apparently we ordered apples and randomly get an Apple iPhone! Made my sons week! “

James (unrelated to LeBron or Kevin) had placed his pick-up order at his usual Tesco Extra store in Twickenham and the staff there told him he would find a surprise among his groceries. Nick said, “I half expected the surprise to be an Easter egg or something – I was a bit shocked to say the least.”

The UK supermarket chain had randomly selected shoppers to take part in a campaign that rewards them with an item that links to something they had ordered from Tesco’s online supermarket. In this case, Nick got an iPhone SE by ordering apples to eat. The name of the promotion is “Super Substitute”. The aim of the promotion is to “replace a specific item in a buyer’s shopping cart with a surprise gift for a randomly selected customer while the original item remains in the shopping cart”.

Order fresh cod and win the AirPod

Tesco has reportedly distributed up to 80 such gifts to its online shoppers through its outlets in the UK. In a note James received with this new phone and its groceries, Tesco wrote, “Amazing things happen when the worlds of supermarket and cell phone come together.” Some of those who ordered apples were given an Apple iPhone SE, while others who had laundry tablets on their list took it home Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet.

The full list of possible prices is as follows:

  • If you order frozen cod you can win AirPods.
  • When you order apples, you can take an Apple iPhone SE home with you.
  • If you add mini cheddars to your list, you might win the iPhone 12 Mini.
  • Order buns and if you’re selected, you win a Motorola E7.
  • When you order Tesco laundry tablets, you can win a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet.
  • Buy a Galaxy Milk Chocolate Bar and try out the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G.
  • If the Galaxy chocolate drink is on your list, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can find you.
  • If your child is wearing Pampers Active Fit diapers, they may receive the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Black.
  • Order Cotton Buds and win the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.
  • Do you have gnocchi on your shopping list? It could leave you with the Nokia 3.4.

Unfortunately the campaign ended on Sunday.

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