You can now make it harder for someone to spy on your use of Google services
You can now make it harder for someone to spy on your use of Google services

That’s no surprise Google tracks your interactions with Google devices and apps. You can check which goodies Google has in store for you Go to the My Activity page ( The My Activity page shows the apps you’ve visited today and even shows the locations you’ve viewed on Google Maps.
However, since it’s not data that you want to share with anyone, Google has announced that it will add an extra layer of security to My Activity in the form of password protection. Go to “Manage My Account Review” by clicking this link and tapping the blue link. You will see two options, one that requires additional verification to see the My Account entries and one that does not require additional verification.
Google Says, “If you turn on additional verification, Google will make sure it’s really you before you can view or delete your full history in My Activity. This can help make your history more secure on shared devices. This setting only applies to “My Activity”. The history may still be displayed in other Google products. ”

Extra verification comes in handy when you and someone else are using the same computer, or when you leave your phone or tablet unlocked. However, it still requires the use of your Google Account login and does not protect your data by using an additional password. If you want to prevent Google from keeping your account history, go to Activity Control and delete the saved detailed history.

You can also change some settings to prevent Google from collecting your history. As Google says, “Your web and app activity includes the actions you take on Google services such as” Maps, “Search,” and “Play.” They can also contain functions that you perform on websites, apps, and devices that use Google services or your voice and audio recordings. The activity you keep is used to Offer you more personal experiences, such as faster searches and more helpful recommendations for apps and content. “

Whether it’s worth doing a faster search and more helpful recommendations to give Google access to your activity history is entirely up to you.


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