Xiaomi unveils the Mi Mix Fold: Galaxy Fold’s cheaper rival

On the second day of its two-day mega-launch event, Xiaomi finally took off the next edition of its Mi Mix series. The newest handset from the Mi Mix Fold (pun intended) is the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. Xiaomi’s first foldable smartphone is launched just a day after the company announced a new line of Mi 11 smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold: technical specifications, features

According to Xiaomi, foldable phones could have a future after the Chinese manufacturer’s first model failed to launch it. With the Mi Mix Fold everything should get better – better than before and also better than the iPad mini, with which Xiaomi has measured itself quite reliably in the stream. The foldable phone has an 8.01-inch 4: 3 OLED main panel with a resolution of 2480 x 1860 pixels. The outer screen measures 6.52 inches and supports a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

xiaomi mi mix fold event nextpit 11

Xiaomi took a break to compare its foldable phone with the iPad Mini / © Xiaomi / Screenshot: NextPit

The Mi Mix Fold is also the first foldable phone to run on the Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm’s latest high-performance SoC. The battery capacity is 5020 mAh and 67 W fast charging processes are also supported.

Liquid lens for 30x photomicrograph

As mentioned earlier, this is also the first phone to feature what is known as liquid lens technology. With Xiaomi you can use a single telephoto lens that offers a narrow focusing distance of 3 cm and at the same time offers an optical zoom of up to 3x.

xiaomi mi mix fold event nextpit 3

A world first: a liquid lens that can be deformed. / © Xiaomi / Screenshot: NextPit

The main camera uses a 108MP sensor while the secondary camera uses a 13MP sensor connected to an ultrawide lens with a field of view of 123 degrees. Xiaomi also uses its own C1 ISP for image processing, so it doesn’t rely on the ISP used by the Snapdragon 888 that powers it.

xiaomi mi mix fold event nextpit 4

The triple camera array / © Xiaomi / Screenshot: NextPit

Prices only in yuan for now

The starting price for the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold is 9,999 yuan, which corresponds to 1,296.58 euros. For this price, the phone offers 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. There is also a special edition variant with 16 GB of RAM, for which you pay 12,999 yuan in China.

xiaomi mi mix fold event nextpit 8

The new air conditioning actually looks pretty chic / © Xiaomi / Screenshot: NextPit

More than just smartphones

In addition to the Mi Mix, Xiaomi took the opportunity to present other products. This included a new line of Mi notebooks that now have OLED panels.

xiaomi mi mix fold event nextpit 6

I almost thought I had the wrong stream on the super mega new Xiaomi logo (left) / © Xiaomi / Screenshot: NextPit

There were also new products in the smart home area: an air conditioning system with UV cleaning and an output of 60 m³ per hour for 3,599 yuan (just under 466.71 euros), the Pro version of Xiaomi’s air purifier with a dryer for the integrated air filter for 899 yuan (just under 116 euros) and a new robot vacuum cleaner for 2,699 yuan (350.00 euros).

Entry into the automotive industry

With seed capital of 10 billion yuan, Xiaomi also announced its intention to enter the automotive industry and expand its portfolio of smart devices. To this end, Xiaomi also founded a subsidiary whose board member is Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi. Not much is known about Xiaomi’s plans for this segment, however.

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