With Google Pay, you can save on grocery bills and easily review expenses


I’ve used my fair share of payment apps over the years. In my experience, Google Pay is one of the most convenient and has a number of useful features as well. The app gets even better thanks to three new features that Google is adding to the payments app. Additionally, Google Pay is adding Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area to the list of areas the app can be used to purchase mobile transit tickets.

Starting with the savings feature, Google partnered with Safeway to help users find weekly grocery deals. The Google Pay app shows thousands of offers found in over 500 Safeway branches across the country. According to Google, a similar function has been baked into the Google Pay app for determining business deals for Target branches.

Googlepay food saving function

To find these offers, all you have to do is search for the keyword Safeway or aim in the payments app and tap “Show weekly offers” Possibility. There you will get a list of weekly groceries from the app if you are near a Target or Safeway store. Of course, you need to give location access permission to the Google Pay app for this feature to work.

Google Pay Receipts function

The search giant adds that checking your expenses is now easier on the Google Pay app. If you search for a term like “grocery” in the app, you will see a list of all grocery-related transactions for the current month. If you don’t want to search the entire list and find details on very specific transactions, you can even search for keywords like “pizza” or “pizza hut” to get the relevant results. The goal is to ensure that users don’t have to go through the hassle of categorizing their transactions.

Google Pay Transit function

Another useful feature that will soon be added to Google’s payments app is the ability to access transit tickets from the app’s home screen. Just tap “Ride Transit” Widget that appears on the home screen that you can use to perform tasks such as buying a transit card, paying your fare, or adding credit to your transit card.

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