sony xperia 10 plus 04
sony xperia 10 plus 04

Well, another week has come to an end, and it is time for me to walk you through all of the major technical events of the week and bring them to you in this article, which serves as some sort of summary. As always, the main objective of this weekly play is to pick a “winner of the week” and a “loser of the week”.

And this week when I asked that question on our Editorial Slack Channel (you know, to ask you who the rest of the team thought were the winners and losers) the answer was unanimous. Everyone voted Sony as the winner for its promising new Xperia smartphone lineup, while OnePlus received the title of loser for the terrible ratings its first smartwatch – the OnePlus watch – received.

Before we dive into these two brands, however, let’s take a quick look at some of the other major developments this week.

The main attraction of the week was Siri (accidentally) announcing the next Apple event. A few hours after the alleged leak, Apple confirmed that an event called “Spring Loaded” was actually taking place on April 20th. The event is expected to be mostly about new iPad models. But who knows what surprises Apple has in store for us?

It’s also noteworthy that on the eve of WWDC 2021, just a few months away, the company has planned another event.

Spring loaded apple

Apple’s event poster “Spring Loaded”. / © Apple

On the same day that Apple confirmed it would hold an event, its South Korean arch-rival Samsung announced the third “Galaxy Unpacked” event of 2021. The company announced that this event, slated for April 28, 2021, will launch the most powerful Galaxy device ever. According to rumors, Samsung is most likely to develop new laptops (and possibly tablets).

Motorola was on some sort of launch tour in 2021 and launched several new products in the first quarter of the year. The momentum has also expanded over the next quarter, and the company recently spiced up two new additions to the affordable G-Series with the Motorola G60 and Motorola G40 Fusion. These phones are initially available in India but could be arriving in the US and Europe within a few months.

The not-yet-launched iPhone 13 was also in the news this week after a leaked CAD drawing showed the supposedly updated camera layout on the next-generation iPhone. You can keep up with the latest iPhone 13 news in our dedicated Hub article.

Chinese smartphone brand ZTE made headlines this week after launching a new flagship smartphone called the Axon 30 Ultra. The main reason for the spotlight was the fact that the device contains three 64-megapixel cameras – which is perhaps a world first. We covered the introduction of the ZTE Axon 30 in depth.

zte axon 30 ultra

The ZTE Axon 30 Ultra / © ZTE

LG was also in the news earlier this week after sharing the list of smartphones that will receive the Android 11 and Andriod 12 update. After the company announced its exit from the smartphone business, there were concerns about the future of smartphones that the company had already released. We have added the LG phones that will receive software updates for the foreseeable future to our Android 11 and Android 12 update trackers.

Now let’s talk about our winners and losers this week.

Winner of the week: Sony for developing the cool new Xperia smartphones

Even if I disagree with their ridiculous naming schemes (did you know that Sony Xperia 1 III, Sony Xperia 5 III are meant to be read as Sony Xperia 1 Mark 3 and Xperia 5 Mark 3, respectively?), The fact is the new smartphones are coming out of the box Japanese conglomerate are interesting and have so far received mostly positive comments from the public as well as most tech journalists.

While many people had predicted that Sony’s smartphone division would end up just like LG; At least for now, that seems a bit far-fetched.

Sony Xperia 1 Mark III hero image

The Sony Xperia 1 Mark 3! / © Sony

Even so, the company’s new phones look promising and the hope is they won’t mess up the announcement by pricing the phones without considering what the competition has to offer.

Sony was also notorious for announcing phones a few months in advance and launching the actual product a few months later after the initial hype subsided. Still, read this article to find out all about the three new Sony Xperia smartphones the company announced this week.

Loser of the week: OnePlus for launching a half-baked product

“Worst Smartwatch Ever”, “Just Get a Fitbit”, “Boring”, “Inaccurate and Flawed”: These are just a few of the headlines that popular tech portals review for OnePlus’ first smartwatch – the OnePlus – have used clock.

Reviewers around the world have categorized the OnePlus Watch as a poor product that doesn’t even do the basic tasks of a smartwatch. The $ 159 smartwatch has also been dubbed a “prototype disguised as a finished product,” a sentiment I repeated when I tested the OnePlus Band here on NextPit a few months ago.

Simply put, the general feeling I get from this is that OnePlus needs to improve its smartwatch / fitness tracker game.

Oneplus watch start design

The OnePlus watch has been a PR nightmare for OnePlus / © OnePlus

That’s all I have for you in this week’s edition of NextPit’s Winners and Losers. Do you agree with our decisions? Or do you have a strong opinion about something mentioned in this article? Whatever it is, we’d love you to take some time off to leave comments. Until next week!


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