Winners and losers of the week: Apple steals the show, Amazon Sidewalk raises its eyebrows


As I write this week’s issue of Winners and Loss in Tech, I have no doubt who this week’s unanimous winner is. Apple stole the show this week with its 2-hour WWDC keynote and is our winner. In the loser’s corner this week is Amazon with its interesting but controversial sidewalk feature.

But hey, before we go into these two in depth, let’s dive into some of the other major developments in the world of consumer technology, right?

New Samsung Galaxy 4 smartwatches are on the way – without an adapter

After Google and Samsung made important announcements about the future of WearOS, there were hints this week of two new Samsung Galaxy 4 smartwatch models showing up on the Chinese certification platform 3C. The listing shows four individual Galaxy 4 smartwatch models, two of which belong to the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active4 series. The interesting thing about these models is that none of them seem to be accompanied by a power supply. Apparently Samsung is expanding its motto “chargers are optional” to even more product segments this year!

The OnePlus Nord CE is here

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Hero

The OnePlus Nord CE / © OnePlus

This week, it was eagerly anticipated to launch a new OnePlus smartphone called OnePlus Nord CE. OnePlus claims that we shouldn’t assume this device is a successor to the original OnePlus Nord from last year, but it’s tough to do when the naming scheme and features are so similar. The new phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor and has a 6.4-inch 90 Hz AMOLED panel. The chances of this phone making it to the US are slim. Prices start at 299 euros.

Honor 50 Pro detailed

Honor enjoys newfound freedom after breaking free from Huawei’s clutches. Now that the company is allowed to do business with Google and Qualcomm, the company is well on its way to launching a range of new devices soon. One of the first devices to be announced this week is the much-rumored Honor 50 Pro. Another “previously unknown device” appeared earlier this week at FCC.

HarmonyOS is now used by 10 million users


HarmonyOS makes good numbers! / © Gizmochina

HarmonyOS may be a long way from becoming the Android killer that many call it – but Huawei’s new operating system has managed to garner impressive numbers in its home market of China. The telecommunications giant claimed on June 10 that the operating system had already exceeded 10 million active users within days of its arrival. In fact, 134,000 apps are already available for download in the Huawei App Store and are supported by more than 4 million developers!

Samsung JN1 ISOCELL JN1 sensor promises excellent selfies

This week Samsung also announced another camera sensor. This new one – called the Samsung ISOCELL JN1 – is a 50 MP sensor, but what’s special about it is that it’s the company’s smallest 50 MP sensor. The ISOCELL JN1 sensor has a pixel size of 0.64 µm and the entire sensor is a 1 / 2.76 “type. It also boasts of what Samsung calls tetrapixel technology. This technology basically integrates four pixels into one Large 1.28 μm pixel for bright 12.5 MP images and promises low noise. Expect to see several selfie cameras in the next few quarters!

Facebook smartwatch with detachable cameras in the works

Facebook smartwatch cameras

Facebook is working on a smartwatch with detachable cameras! / © Studio.c / Shutterstock; Collage: NextPit

Not satisfied with knowing enough about our lives already, Facebook is allegedly working on a new product that could literally present them with our health statistics on a (gold) tray. You heard right – the social media giant is reportedly developing smartwatches that may also support detachable cameras. We don’t have a name for the watch models yet, but let’s just call it the Facebook watch for now. According to reports, this product could hit the market by 2022 and price around $ 400.

Winner of the week: Apple of course!

Apple pretty much dominated the tech news cycle this week thanks to the landmark announcements it made at the keynote during WWDC 2021. We covered everything Apple announced this week in separate articles. But if you want a quick rundown of what happened, read this article by Stefan which rounds it all up. Our editor-in-chief Fabi has also written a detailed opinion article on how Apple’s new direction will affect the fortunes of Google and other competitors. It looks like there is no way to stop the juggernaut Apple right now!

Loser of the week: Amazon Sidewalk

AndroidPIT Amazon Echo Studio buttons

Amazon Sidewalk should be cool. But instead it has become controversial. / © AndroidPIT

Amazon recently introduced a new feature called Amazon Sidewalk. While the new feature was designed to make life easier for you (and others), it’s the way it accomplishes that purpose that raises your eyebrows.

In very simple terms, Amazon Sidewalk shares your internet connection with strangers. The overriding goal is to facilitate the integration of smart home devices. It also helps other compatible devices that are struggling with range issues to access the internet easily. All of this is done in a secure manner, taking into account all privacy concerns, according to Amazon.

And while this might actually be true, any service that is using your bandwidth (that you pay for) is definitely going to be a cause for concern. We have to see how this story unfolds!

Well, that’s it for this week’s edition of winners and losers. Do you agree with our decisions for this week?

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