Will the Roku Voice Remote Pro work with my Roku device?


Best answer: The Roku Voice Remote Pro will likely work with your Roku device. The remote works with every Roku TV and Roku audio product, but according to Roku it may not work with some Roku players.

Good news for most Roku consumers

Roku has manufactured various types of remote controls for its streaming line of products since its introduction in 2002. The latest remote control, the Roku Voice Remote Pro, works like a regular TV remote control, but can also control a Roku audio device and streaming player. If you already own a previous generation Roku remote – even one with voice control – this might be a worthy upgrade with hands-free voice commands and a rechargeable battery that the others don’t have.

If you are wondering if the Roku Voice Remote Pro is compatible with your Roku device, the answer is most likely. “Voice search and voice control is supported on all Roku devices shipped since 2017, as well as on several older devices,” says the Roku website. Roku TVs, Roku audio products, and the latest Roku players like the Roku Express 3900 and Roku Streaming Stick 3600 are compatible.

Easy to use but …

The Roku Voice Remote Pro contains a rechargeable battery, a lost remote control finder and two reprogrammable keyboard shortcuts. What really sets this remote apart from the other Roku remotes is the hands-free functionality for voice commands. If you say “Hey, Roku” and then say a command, you can start a movie, adjust the volume, turn on the TV, and more. Example: “Hey, Roku, open HBO Max” starts HBO Max on Roku. You can also connect headphones (not included) to the 3.5mm jack for private audio.

Due to the nature of the hands-free function, the microphones in the Roku Voice Remote Pro must always be switched on. This could be unsettling for some users, so Roku made it possible to turn off hands-free mode and issue voice commands by pressing the microphone button. If you are uncomfortable with the microphones always on and you don’t mind pressing the microphone button, one of the other Roku remotes is probably fine.

If you choose Roku Voice Remote Pro, compatibility with your existing devices shouldn’t be an issue. If you have an older product that isn’t compatible, it may be time to consider upgrading.

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