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fitness tracker

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If you are serious about your fitness goals, be it losing, gaining, or maintaining (and if you are really modern with your “getting” approach), stick with just a fitness tracker or smartwatch.

This is not Brand A vs. Brand B or Model X vs. Model Y. Whatever your preference, it’s important to stick with the device you choose, whether it’s Apple, HUAWEI , Samsung, Fitbit, Honor or another manufacturer.

Why should you stick with a fitness tracker?

I’ve marinated this idea for a while, but never got around to writing this brief opinion piece or, dare I say advice. The idea resurfaced when I started wearing a device I recently got for review while still wearing my Apple Watch Daily Driver.

You see, when it comes to using a fitness tracker or smartwatch, they are not categorized as professional fitness equipment, but more of a hobby approach. So it’s not about accuracy, it’s about consistency.

No fitness tracker or smartwatch is accurate

Before you stop reading, think about it for a moment. Yes, they all strive to get as accurate as possible, but unless you exercise in a professional laboratory setting with medical equipment on your body, you will never know your exact heart rate, VO2Max, recovery times, etc.

… and that is not necessarily a problem in and of itself. The problem, as I alluded, is the consistency or lack of it.

While wearing two smartwatches, I noticed the pretty big difference between the displays. We’re talking about a 2,000 step variance between the two, which if you take the recommended 10,000 per day, is a 20% variance.

Fitness tracker smartwatch

The same goes for heart rate. From 130 bpm to 110 bpm there is a deviation of about 15%. If you extrapolate that to a full day, your full estimate of your calories burned will be way off the mark. So now you need to adjust your calorie intake.

And just so you know, the calories reported as burned on your device are estimated based on several readings, one of the most important is heart rate, but it takes into account your step count, height, weight, age, etc.

Not to mention, I slept for almost 8 hours on one device, the other reported 6 and a half hours.

Why consistency is more important than accuracy

See, if you consider all of the above, you could say:Damn it, they’re all gone!“. And you might be right. However, the benefit of sticking to only one device is not knowing that that device is inaccurate or believing that it is accurate. The benefit is knowing that the inaccuracy is consistent.

If your watch is over or under your steps, heart rate, or even calories, you can be sure that it will do the same thing tomorrow and the day after, every day, every single workout.


This is the key to then correctly adapting your training intensity and duration as well as your calorie intake. You get rid of the variable.

It’s pretty similar with scales. A scale that is off by 1 kg, or about 2.2 pounds, will consistently drop the same amount (no, we’re not talking about fluctuations on the same scale due to water intake or retention).

The bottom line

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In the end, the only thing that matters is knowing that your device is wrong by the same factor all the time, which makes it more of a constant accuracy in its inaccuracy, rather than confusing your devices and completely throwing you off your destination, or your journey there.

Apple fan? Go with the clock. HUAWEI fan? Go with your watch. Another fan? Go with anything your heart desires just make sure you stick to it knowing that you can turn inaccuracies into an advantage by making them consistent.

Let me know what you think and how your devices are helping or preventing you from achieving your goals.

Thank you for reading! Welcome to The editorial office!

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