whatsapp tipps tricks
whatsapp tipps tricks

The chaos surrounding the new WhatsApp terms and conditions should end on Saturday, May 15th. On this day, the messenger belonging to Facebook will assert the controversial conditions. So far, the rule has been: If you do not agree, important functions will be blocked. But WhatsApp went back one more time.

  • Restrictions announced for those who oppose the new rules are not expected to go into effect this week.
  • Instead, the app should send more notifications.
  • The duration of the new embargo is not yet known, but the terms of use will come into effect on May 15th.

If you use WhatsApp, you have certainly already accepted or successfully ignored the requirement of the new terms and conditions. The new terms have caused a stir around the world as they give WhatsApp the ability to share user data with Facebook. However, the rejection restrictions are now less dramatic than originally thought:

Due to this update, no WhatsApp accounts will be deleted or WhatsApp functionality will be lost on May 15th.

In the past few weeks we have displayed a notification in WhatsApp with further information about the update. After giving everyone time to review, we continue to remind those who have not had the opportunity to review and accept. After a period of several weeks, the memory people get eventually becomes persistent.

In February, the app announced that it would block all functions except calls and notifications for anyone who disapproves of the new rules – i.e. not replying to messages or chatting with family and friends. But Facebook seems to have realized the change was too radical and reversed its decision.

Memories instead of restrictions

If the app previously announced account lockouts and resource restrictions, it will only display further notifications about the new terms of use. Exactly the warnings that are already shown for those who have not yet accepted the new rules. It is not yet clear how long this new grace period will last.

WhatsApp privacy policy FAQ

The WhatsApp changes summarized. / © WhatsApp

Everything you need to know about the new WhatsApp rules

Although the confusion about the new usage rules does not improve WhatsApp’s image, the messenger is still the rapid market leader among messaging apps. Therefore, NextPit has compiled a number of articles related to changes to the terms and conditions.

Changes to the WhatsApp Terms of Use in May 2021

We have listed other pieces of text related to the Application Usage Guidelines that are worth reviewing.

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As the week progresses, we’ll take a closer look at the Messenger Policy Update and answer any questions or suggestions from the comments. Are you concerned about the new directive? Have you been able to encourage your friends and family to switch to an alternative? Let’s talk about it in the comments section!


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