Twitter Spaces opens hosting to everyone on Android as long as you meet the requirements

    twitter spaces hero
    twitter spaces hero

    Twitter Spaces on the Pixel 5Source: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

    After months of testing, Twitter is finally releasing its newest feature, Spaces, to the masses. A blog post today announced that anyone could host a group chat on Twitter Spaces, available to anyone on their phone, including the best Android phones.

    As part of the announcement, Twitter stated that the feature has one more limitation: in order to host an audio chat, a user’s account must have at least 600 followers.

    Based on what we’ve learned so far, these accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting live calls due to their existing audience.

    Twitter Spaces was first announced in December as an alternative to the popular iOS app Clubhouse. It has been tested ever since. A beta version will be available for Android users in March. This allowed Android users to participate in existing spaces, but the ability to create a space was still limited to iOS users.

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    To take advantage of Twitter rooms, users can join a room by selecting one of the purple bubbles at the top of their feed, which is where they can also find Twitter fleets. On iOS, hosting a space requires a long press of the create button, which it likely does on Android.

    Twitter also announced new features that will be added to Spaces, including Ticketed Spaces. This allows hosts to set the prices for a chat they have put together and the number of tickets available. Twitter ensures that hosts get most of the revenue from ticket sales.

    Other features in the work are planned spaces, co-hosting, improvements to live subtitles and the ability to join a space from a profile picture in the feed. For more information on Twitter Spaces and the upcoming features, visit the Company blog.

    The news comes as Clubhouse announces that it is currently testing its own beta for Android. Clubhouse was exclusive to iOS while other apps and platforms like Facebook introduced their own clubhouse-like features. This inability to launch an Android app before anyone else may have allegedly slowed down Clubhouse users:


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