Twitter is slated to launch a subscription service for Twitter Blue worth $ 2.99

    twitter logo hero pixel 4 3
    twitter logo hero pixel 4 3

    Twitter logo on a Pixel 4 XLSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

    Twitter’s subscription service just got a name. According to social media expert and security researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the service was tentatively dubbed Twitter Blue and costs $ 2.99.

    According to reports, Twitter plans to offer a package of convenience features with Twitter Blue. It’s not something that you will miss if you don’t have Twitter, but it will also be something that is incredibly beautiful. What does that mean? Let’s dive into how it works at this preliminary stage.

    First, there is “undo tweets”. Similar to Gmail’s Undo Send, you can undo a tweet and unsubscribe within a customizable time window. You don’t have to pay for it, Twitter’s delete button works just fine. Would it be nice to have big brands or social media personalities for? Certainly.

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    Twitter is also working on a bookmark collection for blues. You can organize your bookmarks into folders and use Twitter effectively like a scrapbook. Since politicians, academics and the media often share thoughts on Twitter, it can certainly be a useful tool for an archivist. On the other hand, you can use Pocket or Google Keep or other third-party extensions to collect and catalog tweets. However, this is more practical

    Wong also says that Twitter plans to offer a lot more than these two features. The Scroll and Revue acquisitions will certainly be tied to Twitter’s subscription plans, as the company has confirmed. What is new here is that Twitter offers different levels, with each level offering more functions than the last.

    Social media has traditionally been free, but companies flirted with ways to make users pay for their services – often indirectly. You can also use WhatsApp to shop in stores in selected markets, on Instagram and Facebook. Both Facebook and TikTok allow you to send money to streamers and so on. This is the first mainstream direct social media subscription service, and others will no doubt pay close attention to how it’s received.


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