anker roav smartcharge qi
anker roav smartcharge qi

You don’t want to have a fully charged phone at home just to get in your car and get to your destination with a dead battery. Keep your phone on the go with the Anker ROAV SmartCharge Qi Certified Wireless Charger for a great value of $ 39.99. This is a $ 10 discount off the normal charger price and one of the lowest prices ever. This sale is part of Best Buy’s current offers. So you should act quick and grab one of these chargers before they’re gone or the price runs out.

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Anker ROAV SmartCharge 10W Qi-certified wireless charger

This is a Qi-compatible device that you can use any smartphone with. Depending on the phone, you get up to 10 W charging power. Easily attaches to most car vents and has two brackets to help you find the right fit. Works with cases up to 5mm thick.

$ 39.99 $ 50.00 $ 10 discount

This pad is possibly one of the easiest ways to add wireless charging to your car. For one, it is attached directly to your ventilation slot. Since the pad contains two vent mounts, it is generally safe to work with any vent your car is currently using. Plus, it’s a pretty straightforward installation with just a little push and click to get it there.

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Once attached, the holder is flexible and adjustable to work with most smartphones. As long as you have a reasonably sized phone, you should be able to plug it in easily. In fact, the wireless charger is powerful enough to work with phones with cases, so you don’t have to remove the case every time you want to use the holder, as long as your case is no thicker than 5mm on the back.

Depending on the device used, you get a fast charging speed of up to 10 W. The charger supports Quick Charge 3.0, so that you can achieve maximum speeds there. It works perfectly with phones like the iPhone XS or the Samsung Galaxy Series. Other Qi-compatible devices may work as well, although charges will vary based on your phone’s support.

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