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New messages from the droid zone
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Tools to help developers deliver a positive user experience
User engagement increases when people have safe and positive app engagement. We’d like to highlight some of these free tools that developers can consider to make the user experience more secure for everyone.

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Integration details and good stratification
Instead of trying to put the verbosity in the library in situations, pack it into an integration library that is easy to evolve or throw away

Remember {mutableStateOf ()} – A cheat sheet
The aim of this post is to pull the pieces apart, to show how which pieces of Compose code do what, and how they all fit together

Schedule tasks with Android WorkManager
In this WorkManager tutorial, you will learn how to schedule different types of tasks, test the tasks, and debug different tasks.

Rust in the Android platform
We are pleased to announce that the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) now supports the Rust programming language for the development of the operating system itself.

Libraries and useful resources
Maps Android KTX
Maps Android KTX is a collection of Kotlin extensions for the Maps SDK for Android and the Maps SDK for Android Utility Library
Videos / podcasts
Android Runtime – How do Dalvik and ART work?
In this video you will learn how Android Runtime works, what ART, DALVIK, JIT and AOT are and how Android Runtime has evolved over the years to make our apps faster 🚀
Class of the week
The view that an activity can use to customize its splash exit animation.
Beyond Android

The project that got me burned out
It is 3:00 am on the night of August 10, 2013. An anxiety attack is keeping me awake. Like a crazy person, I do a code review of my own code in my head. All of a sudden I noticed a big problem in the architecture of my application.
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