To AT Ts chagrin Verizons fastest 5G in the world claim checks out
To AT Ts chagrin Verizons fastest 5G in the world claim checks out

Verizon can’t have The “most powerful” 5G network in America, according to a decision by the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) last fall in response to a complaint originally filed by AT&T, but at least for now the “fastest 5G network by Big Red” Der World claim can exist.

This means that this particular case will most likely not be raised to the NARB, the appellate body of the advertising industry’s self-regulatory system that often has to resolve these issues The NAD is generally more on the side of the accusers than the defendants.

5G availability and 5G speed are two different factors

For the umpteenth time in the last two years Verizon’s controversial 5G ultra wideband network is in the spotlight. The cutting-edge mmWave-based signal has made more headlines than this writer can count on all fingers and toes … for both good and bad reasons.
The good is natural the stunning download (and upload) numbers that selected customers can get from supporting mobile devices for sure parts of for sure Cities. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of Verizon subscribers across the country, that strength is completely negated by the technology’s inherent coverage weakness.
But that’s not what AT&T challenged and while the National Advertising Division took place Verizon’s 5G UW uptime numbers are pretty pathetic (our words, not theirs). Speeds are an entirely different matter.
As proven by According to several independent reports, Big Red may indeed offer faster 5G service than any other major carrier in the world, and while such a fast signal is not exactly easy to come by, some people are can With a little luck and a lot of perseverance, take advantage of this cutting-edge technology.
All you need (or need by October 2020) was to be in the exact “parts” of one of the 55 cities (partially) covered by 5G Ultra Wideband and own one of them Verizon’s Best 2021 Phones. In this case, the operator’s “tight benchmark speed claim” could be considered true, even if only for a very small portion of the time associated with a cellular service.

Verizon’s nationwide 5G launch kicked off an entirely new ball game

The reason the NAD’s statement on this controversial issue of potentially bloated and misleading 5G advertising covers a period through October 2020 obviously has to do with the big one T-Mobile’s competing “nationwide” 5G rollout from October 2020, you guessed it.
Because Verizon uses Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) to … The network operator, which can hardly keep up with its traditional 4G LTE speeds, will have to “carefully work out its comparative 5G performance claims” in order to make it clear that “fastest 5G in the world” only refers to its limited ultra-broadband service .
If history is any clue, that probably won’t happen, and if we guess something tells us that Verizon may already have made an exaggerated or dubious claim in ads that hyped the nationwide low-band 5G deployment.


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