How to watch the WWDC 2021 Apple event keynote live stream and all updates to expect
How to watch the WWDC 2021 Apple event keynote live stream and all updates to expect

The live stream link for WWDC 2021 is live, and you can watch the show right above when it starts on June 7th at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

This year is one of the most important in the software department for Apple, as it simply has to get the apps and functions of the new MacBook Air M1, which is equipped with a homebrew processor for the first time, right from the start.

This will mark a turning point for the computer industry as it moves away from Intel chips, and if anyone can do it, it’s Apple that needs “developers, developers, developers” to drive the ARM-based chip revolution write.
Maybe just because the stakes are so high The announcement of the Apple event WWDC21 is illustrated with a seemingly curious developer peeking into an open laptop. What else is there at the Worldwide Developer Conference in 2021?

When is the date of Apple WWDC 2021?

  • WWDC21 will take place from June 7th to 11th, 2021

Apple is taking no chances with the health precautions and logistics surrounding a large in-person event like the usual Summer Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) that will be held online in 2021, just like it was in 2020. While WWDC 2020 was WWDC21, a brand new online one Format, just updated as a streaming event and that was it.

The opening keynote, at which Apple will announce all major new features, is scheduled for Monday, June 7th at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

How can you see the keynote for Apple WWDC 2021?

Apple will be streaming the WWDC21 keynote live on their website, social account, as well as directly on their YouTube channel below, and we’ve embedded the YouTube livestream at the top of this article so you can watch the WWDC21 livestream when the time approaches.

The WWDC 2021 iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS updates are expected

  • iOS 15
  • iPadOS 15
  • macOS 12
  • watchOS 8
  • tvOS 15
Needless to say, we’re more interested in this Expect all the new iOS 15 features because that’s Apple’s bread-and-butter added value that catapulted it to the status of the world’s most valuable company, rather than the iPhone hardware that usually lags the Android flagships. From Apple’s point of view, however, support for macOS 12 and the MacBook Air M1 will be crucial. So expect more Keynote and WWDC21 session focus on this front.

Will Apple Announce New Devices at WWDC 2021?

While hardware products are few and far between when compared to the software updates Apple usually announced at its Worldwide Developer Conference events, there have been many new devices taking advantage of Apple’s new features and WWDC 2021 may be no exception, especially in its easier to pull online format.

We’re not expecting any new iPhones or iPads, but there is some possibility for new Macbook Pros.

Is WWDC 2021 free and how can I participate?

Apple specifically states that you “Join the global developer community and enjoy an all-online program with exciting announcements, sessions and free labs. ”

In addition, Apple offers you exclusive WWDC21 swags like outerwear, a bespoke pin set, and a year of free membership in the Apple Developer Program when you win the Swift Student Challenge by programming something exciting on any topic.


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