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Network operators are moving away from 3G and AT&T is one of them. Many people may be concerned about how the shutdown could affect their phones, so AT&T has released a full list of devices that will still work if the network goes dark.

As expected, the list includes many of the best Android phones sold today, all broken down by manufacturer. The Apple list is pretty small; iPhone 6 and higher remain ready for use. Surprisingly, the Microsoft Lumia 950 is on the list, which means fans of the now-dead Windows Phone can keep going if they so choose.

The list is pretty long, and it might have been easier to list the phones that stopped working after being shut down. However, AT&T makes it a little easier by allowing customers to log into the support page and check the smartphones in their accounts.

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AT & T’s support page also states that the network shutdown will allow the company to “offer faster speeds and new features.” The company will use the spectrum to strengthen its 4G LTE and 5G network.

The 3G shutdown is something Verizon and T-Mobile are also preparing to bolster their respective networks. T-Mobile will shut down its 3G network in early 2022, much to Dish Network’s horror. Verizon’s shutdown will come in late 2022, giving its customers a little more time to find new smartphones.

In the meantime, AT&T is encouraging users who can’t find their devices on the list to update their smartphones or visit a store. There are many affordable options for users, especially among the best cheap Android phones. The 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy A32 is currently half-price at AT&T and can be purchased for $ 150 with an installment plan of $ 5 per month.

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