There’s a better way to mock retrofit API calls

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Introducing Retromock, a better way to mock the Retrofit API
Retromock is a Java library for mocking responses in a retrofit service that make your life easier.

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Best practices for coroutines in Android
Presents various best practices that will have a positive impact by making your app more scalable and testable when using coroutines.

Compose O’Clock
I started learning Jetpack Compose this week. Two days after the start of this adventure, here’s a quick look at how a proper watch design can be built step by step in Compose.

From Java to Kotlin and back (I) – call Kotlin from Java
Kotlin was designed from the start to work fully with Java, and both JetBrains and Google have moved in that direction.

Data classes in Kotlin: the real implications | Bumble Tech
Using an experiment, I will try to understand the real cost of using a large number of data classes in an application.

Bottom sheet in Jetpack Compose
How to Create Bottom Sheets in Jetpack Compose
Libraries and useful resources
Jetpack Compose Pathway
A series of tutorials that will teach you more about Compose, a modern toolkit for creating the native Android user interface.
Videos / podcasts
WorkManager: Basics
Caren Chang, Android Developer Relationship Developer, gives us a deeper look into how to get started using the WorkManager APIs.
Class of the week
An asynchronous stream of data that outputs values ​​one after the other and completes normally or with an exception.
Beyond Android

We need better than Gradle
There have been a few good reviews of Gradle that I’ve read lately. I want to write them down here for the sake of completeness, but then outline my own frustrations coming from a different angle.
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