User tracks package with AirTag all across the UK
User tracks package with AirTag all across the UK

A user put an AirTag in a package they sent to a friend and successfully tracked it as it traveled across the UK. This basically means there was an iPhone nearby, which can help pinpoint its location at every step of the journey. This is just further confirmation of the power of Apple’s Find My network.

Apple officially says that an AirTag should help you find your lost items like keys. However, this latest AirTag trip in the postal service shows that with a little technical knowledge, you can also track an item while it’s moving. Now don’t imagine a movie action scene where the hero chases a car at 100 km / h in real time, but still tracks the location of an object every minute with AirTags.
Interestingly, this is actually the second time we’ve heard of something on this scale as before YouTuber in the Netherlands managed to track a different package with an AirTag when it was traveling on Dutch postal services.

Back to UK history: the user, Intego’s Kirk McElhearn, was able to locate the AirTag first at a local sorting station and then en route in a van to a mail center, then to a sorting center, and finally to a friend’s house. Once the package with the AirTag arrives at its destination, it does not seem to have notified the recipient in any way, even after the AirTag has not been home for days:

This raises all sorts of questions. Because an AirTag is so small and it’s easy for someone to slip one into your backpack or wallet without you noticing, Apple built in protections so people can’t covertly track your location, but it’s not sure how these protective measures are actually helpful.

Apple says that “If someone else’s AirTag gets into your content, your iPhone detects they’re with you and sends you a notification. If you haven’t found it after a while, the AirTag plays a sound to let you know . ” it is there.” That will then be clarified further “If you happen to be with a friend who has an AirTag, or on a train with a bunch of people with AirTag, don’t worry. These alerts only go off when an AirTag is disconnected from its owner.”

Note that Apple says an AirTag will only notify you when “it travels with you”, but says nothing about a case, as explained above, in which an AirTag arrives with a package by post and post remains then with you. And the fact that the friend who received the package never heard a signal that would help them realize they were being followed is worrying.

You can read the full story about the AirTag’s journey across the UK and how it successfully reported its location every step of the way Mac Security Blog at Intego.


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