The simple iOS kids app also served as a secret online casino


A gaming app that had led a double life has been removed from the App Store. The JungleRunner 2k21 app seemed like a breeze with basic graphics and animations. However, the app contained a great secret that was only known to those who live in certain countries or who use a VPN with an iOS device.

It was FlickType developer Kosta Eleftheriou, who discovered something unusual about the app. In Turkey or when using a VPN discontinued in that country, the app was changed from a meek kids app to a web view of a casino where users can play for real money after restarting. And when it came to placing bets or cashing out, the app didn’t use Apple’s in-app purchase platform to deny it Apple of its 30% cut while keeping the casino away from Apple’s eyes.
The app developer used ads to seduce those who love to gamble and even included a fake story of a non-existent “CNN Turks” unit to promote the app. The fictional story was about the casino app hiding as a kids’ app. If you follow the ad, you will be taken to an App Store page that shows coins that say “Install and Win”.

As Kosta points out, the app is free and since most people believe the app store can be trusted, they will install the app anyway. As usual, the comments and reviews tell the real story while users complain that they didn’t get the big bonuses they were promised. Eleftheriou says this app has been on the app store for months and the developer has another app that does the same thing as this one.

It appears that Apple has removed JungleRunner 2k21 from the US App Store. The developer apparently relied on the App Store’s reputation for privacy and security to attract users. In addition to Turkey, the online casino also appeared in other countries, including Italy.

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