The next Sonos speaker from Ikea could fit seamlessly into wall art


Ikea Symfonisk SonosSource: Daniel Bader / Android Central

As early as 2019, Ikea developed the Symfonisk series together with Sonos, which supplied loudspeakers that served a dual purpose. The Symfonisk table lamp worked like a normal lamp but has a built-in speaker that sounds just as good as the Sonos One. Given that Sonos One is one of the best Sonos speakers you can get for less than $ 200, the fact that the Symfonisk table lamp retails for just $ 179 is an accomplishment.

Ikea also introduced a bookshelf speaker that can be used as a book end. At $ 99, the bookshelf speaker is the cheapest entry into the Sonos ecosystem, and it looks like Ikea will be launching new products for the Symfonisk range in 2021. Sonos shared a teaser, but it isn’t very detailed. An FCC shelf shows a square “radio module” that could be incorporated into the wall art.

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The edge got more details and noted that the spokesperson might like Ikea’s wall prints:

The Verge saw an early picture of this product, code-named “Titan”, but details on how it works have not yet been learned. In particular, it is unclear whether all of the graphic printing is the product or whether the speaker unit can be transferred between different outdoor art enclosures.

One of the two new FCC documents from Ikea and Sonos concerns a “radio module”. At some distance it could look like any Ikea wall print, just with a lot more tech on the other side (and a power cord running down from the bottom).

In addition to the integrated loudspeaker, Ikea will be releasing a new version of the Symfonisk table lamp that could enable interchangeable lampshades. That has the potential to make the speaker a little more versatile, and The edge notes that the speaker is deployed for the same $ 179 price as its predecessor.

Meanwhile, Sonos confirmed Pocket fluff that new products are coming in, but no release date is currently mentioned:

The partnership [Sonos and Ikea] is stronger than ever and we’re excited about the products we’re working on together. We look forward to sharing more when the time is right.

Given that Sonos is already rolling out teasers, we don’t have to wait too long to find out what the 2021 Symfonisk series is all about.

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