Android PrivacyLabelsAnnouncement 1024x512 V2
Android PrivacyLabelsAnnouncement 1024x512 V2

Posted by Suzanne Frey, VP, Product, Android Security and Privacy

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We work closely with developers to make Google Play a safe and trustworthy place where billions of people can enjoy the latest Android apps. Today we are announcing an upcoming security section on Google Play that will help users understand the data an app collects or shares when that data is secured, as well as additional details that have an impact on privacy and security.

Developers agree that people should have visibility and control over their data. And they want simple methods of communicating app security that are easy to understand and that help users make informed decisions about how to handle their data. Developers also want to provide additional context to explain data usage and the impact of security practices on the app experience. In addition to the data an app collects or shares, we’re introducing new elements to highlight whether:

  1. The app has security practices like data Encryption
  2. The app follows ours Family policy
  3. The app needs this data in order to function or when users have a choice when sharing
  4. The app’s security area is verified from an independent third party
  5. The app allows users to request deletion of data if they choose to uninstall it

This can be a big change so we’ll share this in advance and build with developers by our side.

What this section will contain

Among other things, we ask developers to share:

  • What type of data is collected and stored: Examples of possible options are approximate or exact location, contacts, personal information (e.g. name, email address), photos and videos, audio files and storage files
  • Use of the data: Examples of possible options are app functionality and personalization

Similar to app details like screenshots and descriptions, developers are responsible for the information given in their section. Google Play will have a policy that requires developers to provide accurate information. If we discover that a developer has misrepresented the data they provided and is in breach of the policy, the developer must fix it. Apps that do not become compliant are subject to policy enforcement.

What to expect

All apps on Google Play – including Google’s own apps – must share this information and provide a privacy policy.

We are committed to giving developers enough time to prepare. This summer we’ll be sharing the new policy requirements and resources, including detailed guides on privacy policies for apps. Starting in the second quarter of 2022, new app submissions and app updates must contain this information.


Target timeline (subject to change)

In the future, we will continue to provide new ways to make things easier for users and automate more work for developers.

In the meantime, here are some resources to help you design safe and privacy-friendly apps

  • Check what you collect, send to your servers or give to third parties
  • Check out our resources on building privacy-friendly apps:
  • Check out our resources on building secure apps:

We are excited to continue our partnership with developers to make Google Play a trusted platform for everyone.

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