The new feature of Google Meet limits the use of data, battery and processor by your device


Google Meet is a premium video service that has come in handy during the pandemic. As you can possibly imagine, participating in a group video chat on a smartphone or tablet could mean murdering the device’s battery. Participating in multiple chats can cost a lot of money for users with a monthly data limit. But Google has developed a method to save the battery life of a device participating in a Google Meet video conference, limit data usage, and reduce the demands on the phone or tablet processor.
If you choose to use the data save feature on Google Meet, you may experience a lower quality video call. However, this is better when you are paying more or unable to view a video meeting at all because you have run out of battery. If a higher quality image is required, the function can be deactivated. The data store is disabled by default.

To enable Google Meet data saver mode, users must select Settings from the three-dot menu and then tap Limit Data Usage before taking a call. Microsoft offers a similar feature for its team video platform. Says the software giant, “Whether you want to get data or are in a location with a poor or limited network connection, sometimes it helps to limit the amount of data you use during a video call. A new mode for low Data allows users to limit the amount of data used during the team’s video calls and to make different settings based on network availability. “

Back to Google Meet. According to ZDNet, Google will be offering customers the data storage function from yesterday, the Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Frontline, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Educational Basics, Education Plus, non-profit organizations, Cloud Identity Free and Cloud Identity use premium.

Both Meet and Google and its more consumer-centric duo can determine the device the user is using and the state of the network, and make adjustments to the settings to deliver the best quality video, even if doing so lowers the resolution of the connection.

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