Man receives iPad Pro 2021 early posts videos showing off the 4K HDR mini LED display
Man receives iPad Pro 2021 early posts videos showing off the 4K HDR mini LED display

This lucky lucky guy, posted on Reddit from an account titled u / PeterDragon50, had his tablet pre-ordered when reservations started on April 30th. Since the review embargo has not yet been lifted, Reddit members mainly asked questions about the new mini LED display that is included in this variant of the Slate. The device owner said the new Liquid Retina XDR mini LED display “… looks great like an Apple color-calibrated OLED”.
He also said, “The colors look better … they’re both beautiful screens. I really just wanted the bigger aspect ratio and (supposed) longevity of a non-OLED screen.” He also recorded a couple of videos that we put into this story.

Driven by the 5 nm Apple M1 chip with 16 billion transistors, the iPad Pro (2021) runs up to 50% faster than the previous generation models, according to Antutu and Geekbench benchmark tests. You may not have been keen on a tablet in years, but the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with mini-LED display (the 11-inch device has an OLED panel) may let you down for the first time in Drooling over such a device in November 2015, the OG iPad Pro was released.

Of course, Apple has to thank the pandemic for the increased demand for iPads that the company has seen over the past year. While employees and children worked and studied from home, both of them used their iPads after work to stream games, music, movies, sports, and more. Whether this resurgence will continue as the US and other developed countries recover from the COVID-19 outbreak is not clear, but it gives tablet makers a reason to keep working on high-end tablets in the future.

And let’s not forget that the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of the tablets both support 5G. This is the first time any of the Apple tablets have connected to a 5G signal.

Another video the Reddit member posted (remember, the device is currently still under a media embargo) shows off his brand new 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021) along with his 4th Magic keyboard. Generation.


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