delete web location history 1
delete web location history 1

One of the biggest topics of Google I / O 2021 was the security of your accounts and information. There are apps like Google Photos with locked folders, as well as a number of new improvements to the built-in password manager in Chrome for Android. Now, Google is adding another way to protect your valuable information and it has all to do with the My Activity landing page.

Google’s “My Activity” page is essentially a hub where you can view all of the different information that Google has on your account. This includes search results, maps, YouTube, shopping, and more. Until now, anyone who can log into your account could access this information, or even if you opened a browser window on your computer.

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Starting today, when you visit the My Activity page (via 9to5Google) a small prompt will appear saying “Safer with Google – you can add more security to my activity by turning on additional verification.” This bubble points to a new section below Google protects your privacy and security.

From here you can either click Manage or Dismiss inside the bubble or click Manage my activity review. A new pop-up window will appear on the same browser tab allowing you to select the option to either Additional verification required or not. If you need additional verification, you’ll need to re-enter your Google Account password before you can view your My Google Activity page.

We’re a bit surprised that this wasn’t available yet. But we’re also happy that Google is keeping an eye on the “little” things we can do to keep our accounts and information more secure.


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