The Galaxy Z Flip 3’s huge color palette shows how seriously Samsung is taking its next-generation leaflets


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It’s no longer a big secret that Samsung plans to get serious about its previously experimental foldable devices this year. go so far as to cancel or at least delay the company’s next “conventional” flagship Galaxy Note series until 2022 to focus on the 2021 Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.

Eight is the magic number

While we haven’t seen a believable Galaxy Z Flip 3 rendering, let alone a real-life photo or video, two hugely reliable sources already paint a pretty complete picture of the color options of the upcoming handset.
The gray, white, dark blue, and pink liveries would bring the Galaxy Z Flip 3 versions to a total of eight, compared to just four original Z Flip models and three Z Flip 5G color options from the Mystic brand.

Obviously, while we delve into this topic, it’s far too early to know (or guess) the marketing names of all of these different Z Flip 3 models. In fact, we still can’t even vouch for the accuracy of the phone’s moniker, which could be a little more confusing Galaxy Z Flip 2.
In a way, that would make a lot more sense than skipping numbers Galaxy Z Flip 3 name if the device is actually proving to be as affordable as several different reports have claimed over the past few months.
It remains unclear whether a separate The Z Flip Lite variant is in preparation (either this year or next) but we can definitely guarantee that the Z Flip 3 (or Z Flip 2) will cost less than that Z fold 3.

No, you probably can’t choose between all eight options

Going back to all of these rumors, it should be emphasized that in such situations, there are generally significant geographic differences to be expected. In other words, it is highly unlikely that US buyers, for example, will ever be able to choose from this full range.
The OG 4G LTE-only Galaxy Z Flip, in case you’re wondering, is exclusively available in Mirror Black at the time of this writing, while the “second generation” Z Flip 5G is currently available in the colors Mystic Bronze or Mystic Gray.

By the way, another notable chromatic difference between 4G LTE-limited and 5G-capable versions of could be determined Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Last but not least, the gray taste may or may not be a super expensive Thom Browne special edition.

For now, we should probably focus on the greater importance of such an expanded color palette, rather than worrying about which countries are likely to get which variants and which hues might turn out to be prettier.

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