The discontinued Google Home Max rises from its ashes at 150
The discontinued Google Home Max rises from its ashes at 150

The gigantic Home Max was released commercially in 2017, officially discontinued exactly three years later and replaced by Nest Hub Max from 2019 in Google’s range of smart speakers. He’s pretty much more attractive right now than ever before.

How is that possible? Now that most of the major US retailers are no longer able to meet the remaining demand Google’s high-end HomePod rival, a smaller but reputable seller, is practically in the spotlight on its own, charging just $ 150 for what used to be a whopping $ 400.
Something tells us about this grueling new A4C deal (which was brought to our attention by the people at Slickdeals) can’t last long, as it did when the search giant was released Google Home Max sold on eBay about five months ago. Just like then, the incredibly powerful Google Assistant-controlled smart speaker can be yours for $ 150, at least if you remember to apply coupon code “SLICK25” to your order during the checkout process.

At the time of this writing, only the “Chalk” (aka white) flavor appears to be in stock. Given that Google Home Max most likely finally stopped production a long time ago, this may be your last chance to get the huge $ 250 discount mentioned above.

Granted, the not-so-popular device received a permanent price cut from $ 399 to $ 299 in 2019, but even compared to this revamped MSRP, you want to save about $ 150 on an undoubtedly limited (if unspecified) device. just time.

Much like the rest of the (not touchscreen-sporting) Google Home / Nest family in terms of general functionality, the Google Home Max naturally sets itself apart from the crowd with its superior sound quality, which the audio is supposed to surpass (or at least match) the power of Apple’s 1st floor HomePod and Amazon 2019 Echo Studio.


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