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android studio coffee java 920x470

Android developer tools

Android development is based on a number of different tools, whether you choose the “official” route or use one of the myriad other methods available instead.

With so many options, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one is best for you. Which tools are important? Which program do you use to start coding?

This post lists the best Android developer tools, including the essentials and the optional ones.

Android SDK

The first thing you need to get started is the Android SDK. This is the “Software Development Kit” that contains all of the libraries required to build Android apps. It also includes additional Android developer tools that can be used for debugging, compiling, and more.

Among these, the ADB shell is one of the most important Android developer tools. This is the Android Debug Bridge. A small command line tool that allows you to monitor a device or virtual device while you run your apps. You should also check out the new Jetpack Compose from the Jetpack tool suite. This is a powerful interface builder that will save developers a lot of time further down the line.

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You don’t have to interact with the Android SDK directly, just make sure it is on your computer when you start programming. Make a note of the directory as well, as most of the alternative IDEs and other tools you use will need to point to it.

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To get the SDK, you need to download it directly from Google. The SDK comes with Android Studio, which is the easiest way to grab it.

Android Studio

The most important software for Android development is the “Integrated Development Environment” (IDE). An IDE is essentially the program that you type your code into. This code is then packaged as an APK file that can be installed on other Android devices. This makes IDEs the most important Android developer tools.

Android developer tools Android Studio

The official IDE for Android development is Android Studio. This download also includes the Android SDK, an emulator, Android image files, and more. Everything installs in a simple process so there is no need to download any additional files.

As an official Android development tool, this setup supports any ambitious ideas you could have for apps. You will also learn this if you are interested in becoming a professional developer in the future.

Alternative Android development tools: IDEs

best android developer tools

Using Android Studio with Java or Kotlin isn’t particularly beginner-friendly. This option is also not suitable for developing 3D games. For these reasons, you may prefer to use an alternate IDE from the following choices.

Unity and other game engines

Unity is an extremely powerful cross-platform game engine and IDE. It can be used for both 3D and 2D game development, or even for creating non-game apps. Unity is the most popular platform used by professional game developers on the Google Play Store.

Honorable Mention for Best Android Development Tools should also go to Unreal. Unreal is another 3D game engine that is very popular for game development on PC. However, it is not as good as Unity at 2D development and is more difficult to work with.

Unity game development

Alternatively, you can choose a game maker like GameMaker: Studio or Game Salad. These options are less flexible, but can produce impressive results with minimal coding. GameMaker: Studio, in particular, was used to create some popular titles on Android. Game salad, on the other hand, is more of a learning tool.

Xamarin + Visual Studio

Xamarin is a tool that you can use to build Android apps using Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Not only does this appeal to those who like the sounds of coding in C # instead of Java, but it’s also extremely handy as a cross-platform tool as it can create iOS and even Windows software as well.

Adroid developer, development, programming

Xamarin does almost everything Android Studio does and builds authentically native apps. Accessing and using Java libraries is a little less convenient, however, and updates arrive on the platform a little later. You can find out more here.

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Anywhere Software’s B4X is one of the lesser-known Android development tools, but it’s also one of my favorites. B4X is a suite of tools that can be used to create cross-platform apps using the BASIC programming language. Better still, B4A – the Android developer tool – is now both free and open source!

BASIC is a particularly beginner-friendly language, which makes this a great choice, not only for those new to Java or Kotlin, but also for those who want an idea quickly.

App Builder

If you want to know how to build Android apps without coding, the best Android developer tools are App Builder. These provide basic app development capabilities that you can use to create interfaces and even access some native functionality. They are often cross-platform as well.

App maker for Android developer tools

We’ve written an entire guide for Android app makers for you to check out. However, some good options to get started are:

Android advanced external development tools

Once you are familiar with the basic Android developer tools, you may want to check out some of the more advanced options that allow you to access machine learning, remote collaboration, and more.


GitHub is a hosting service for Git repositories. This is an online tool that allows you to share projects and keep track of multiple versions (called “forks”) of those projects when working on a team. It’s handy for securing your work, collaborating, and finding code samples and tutorials to work through.

For beginners, your contact with GitHub will likely be limited to downloading sample projects that you can reverse engineer. However, if you’re ever working on a large app as a team, this is a developer tool to get used to. Unless the company you work with uses Mercurial instead!


Fire base

Firebase isn’t a tool, it’s a whole range of Android developer tools! This is Google’s suite of cloud services for mobile and web developers and encompasses a range of services from monetization to AdMob to more secure authentication to ML kit (next on this list) and analytics. Beginners don’t need to dig into Firebase to begin with, but it will almost certainly come in handy at some point as your projects get more ambitious. Whenever you run into a roadblock and need a new feature based on the cloud, check out Freibase first! You can find an introduction here.

Firebase logo

ML kit

ML Kit is an Android developer tool that allows you to add machine learning capabilities to your Google app. That means adding things like computer vision and OCR without needing a huge budget and loads of big data. Get started with this simple tutorial.

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