The Apple Watch Series 4 is currently an absolute bargain (EKG monitoring)


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Already available in stores in 2018, the The Apple Watch Series 4 didn’t make a lot of headlines in the last year and was retired as an upgrade The Series 5 was presented in autumn 2019.

But while this outdated bad boy can no longer be considered one of them The world’s best smartwatches for pretty obvious reasons. It might not be a bad idea to think about choosing Series 4 over the much newer ones Apple Watch SE now.
That’s because today (and only today) Woot is making an absolutely phenomenal sale on multiple Apple Watch Series 4 models, which can be yours for between $ 179.99 and $ 199.99 each refurbished.

While your $ 180 is just a 40mm (and multiple color) entry-level GPS variant, just $ 20 more is enough to improve both the case for people with larger wrists and the connectivity equation to expand 4G LTE speeds.

That’s pretty mind-boggling given that a feature like standalone cellular support is, of course, worth well over $ 10 or $ 20. And yes, you can also opt for a 40mm LTE-enabled model (in one of three different color combinations) for an incredibly low price of $ 189.99. This happens to be the price Woot is also renovating for a 44mm Apple Watch series with GPS only 4.
All of the ultra-affordable iPhone-compatible smart timepieces offered for sale here are expected to have “moderate wear and tear” while undoubtedly performing, and most importantly, functioning perfectly Apple’s first EKG sensor on the wrist.

That makes the old Series 4 better for your health than the Apple Watch SE from 2020, which is otherwise essentially identical to its predecessor from 2018. In case you’re wondering, the (brand new) SE usually starts at $ 279 and $ 329 in GPS-only and cellular versions, respectively, which makes these heavily discounted Apple Watch Series 4 devices (with a 90-day warranty) very good for bargain hunters who are interested in staying healthy and fit find it hard to refuse.

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