best tablet games
best tablet games

High-performance hardware in current devices on Android and iOS platforms has paved the way for high-quality games that, in addition to complex game mechanics, also deliver fantastic-looking graphics. However, there are only a select number of titles that are extremely fun on the big screen. We have listed our recommendations for the best tablet games on Android and iOS-based tablets.

While Apple recently introduced a new generation of iPads, Android tablets tend to be overlooked. Not so with us at NextPit because we still get attention on large Android devices with articles like a list of recommended games that play better on a tablet than on a smartphone. It makes perfect sense that we also include the iOS platform. Note that this is a subjective list so your favorite may actually be missing.

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So, if you have your own list of recommended games that are best played on a big display, whether it’s an iPad or an Android tablet, we look forward to your recommendations in the comments.

Criteria when choosing tablet-friendly games

For certain games, tablets are characterized by a very special combination of properties that make them the perfect gaming device. They have a large display and therefore not only offer sufficient space for control, but also plenty of visual space. Other than that, games with great graphics will definitely benefit from a larger display as it offers a higher level of immersion. Bigger is definitely better in this case.

However, having the right hardware alone is not enough as you still need to find the right game to get the most out of your tablet. We have added five new titles to the list, with the rest of the list having already been introduced. The older titles are still worth their gaming salt and are highly recommended for tablet games. Without further ado, let’s dive right into that, right?

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Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is considered an older title released in 2018, but we keep recording it because it still looks stunning to this day – and plays well especially on a tablet. In fact, this title can often be found on various lists of the top tablet games.

In Alto’s Odyssey, you slide through dreamy landscapes on a sandboard. Instead of the Alto’s Adventure snowboard, the sandboard is your first choice as a means of transport. While playing games on iPads and Android tablets, let your eyes feast on the visual extravagance, which is interspersed with light and shadow, as well as a wonderful background that keeps you on the screen.

As if the optics weren’t enough, your ears will definitely be more than happy with the fantastic soundtrack, which makes for a great atmosphere.

  • 4.5 stars on Google Play / 4.3 stars in the Apple App Store
  • Price: Free, with ads (Android) / $ 4.99 (iOS)
  • In-app purchases: Yes (Android) / No (iOS)

Rebels Inc

Rebel Inc is a title owned by developer Plague Inc, and these references alone should be enough to give you an idea of ​​what a Triple-A title is, right? Ndemic Creations reported that they did extensive research on the game in collaboration with politicians, journalists and other experts in order to deliver an extremely realistic and lifelike title. There are different fictional regions in the game, although the scenarios are usually very realistic.

They are immediately thrown into the deep end and have to solve the respective problems. With Rebel Inc, gaming on the tablet is just a lot more fun than on smaller iOS and Android devices.

Kingdom Rush revenge

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a classic tower defense game, and games of this genre are much more enjoyable to play with a large display because you have a better overview of everything. This is why we recommended this title, although we have a number of other tower defense games ready for you in the following article:

Why are tablets great for tower defense games? This is because such titles usually look amazing on smartphones, but you tend to get lost when enemies rush in from various entry points on a small screen. Therefore, a larger display will help minimize such oversight. As with titles in this genre, you will have tons of levels alongside different towers and heroes to make sure you have as much fun as possible.


Levelhead is a platformer that is definitely worth checking out considering how it was published by the same developer behind Crashlands. While this game is of course a lot of fun on a smartphone, it just plays better on a tablet.

Not only are 90 levels at your disposal in Levelhead, but there is also a level editor included to help you discover your game creativity. And when it comes to creating your own levels, you’re infinitely better off with a large Android tablet or iPad.


I felt that we urgently needed a racing game on this list because tablets can also play out their superiority and offer a better visual experience. Grid looks just great on a larger iOS or Android device too, which means you can better enjoy the amazing graphics.

We have already recommended Grid in our list of the most beautiful mobile games.

Once again, here’s a disclaimer for anyone who might wince at the term “racing game” due to previous bad experiences: While you will have to spend $ 9.99 on the game, this is a one-time payment that you don’t have to pour more money to buy obtain additional routes or vehicles.

Bridge Constructor Portal: The best of both worlds

Bridge Constructor Portal runs well enough on a smartphone, but it plays even better on a large display that is a typical Android tablet. On a tablet, it’s even easier to pinpoint items to get scientists from one end of the level to the other as they travel cramped on a golf buggy.

To do this, you not only have to build simple bridges over numerous levels, but also handle various elements such as the eponymous portals.

Minecraft: A tablet-friendly title for builders

If you’ve never heard of Minecraft, what rock have you lived under all this time? This game is Mojang’s hugely successful title that was eventually bought by Microsoft. In this game you can build practically anything – where your imagination knows no bounds.

Minecraft offers a large game world with practically endless possibilities. You have to work on blocks to get materials, construct game objects, build larger structures, dig caves and defend yourself against zombies. Basically there are no limits to your imagination. The best creations of the PC version of Minecraft have even been put together in a YouTube video.

Minecraft is particularly good for tablets as your inventory can grow to a considerable size and a larger display is easier to organize on such displays. Playing it on a smartphone can be quite limiting in many ways.

Crashlands: Insane yet entertaining

Crashlands is basically a top-down adventure game, but it also mixes a lot of other game elements into the gameplay. This makes it a potent mix that delivers a pretty insane game.

You have to grind to improve your character like in a role-playing game, tinker with objects, build a base, tame animals, fight opponents and much more. There is simply a lot to do to keep yourself occupied in this huge game.

Of course, there is also a story that drives the same forward. An intergalactic trucker and a villain are involved, the fate of the world is at stake – it can’t get any bigger. Thanks to cross-platform support, you can even pick up the game from where you last left off on your PC or smartphone should you decide to skip your tablet at this point.

This War of Mine: Extremely Addicting

This War of Mine is already a terrific game on the PC, and the fun level doesn’t get any less on an Android tablet. While fun may not be the most apt word here, as the cruelty of war is horribly exposed in this horror survival game, you will end up in the unenviable position of making some pretty brutal decisions about who lives and who dies.

To survive the war with your group of hastily assembled survivors, you will have to craft various items, manage your lair and search for valuable resources in the rubble and ruins.

Every time the game starts, all the characters you meet are randomly generated. This War of Mine is a dark game that knows how to draw you into its oppressive atmosphere. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the more expensive tablet games out there.

Samorost 3: An adventure game with unique gameplay elements

Samorost 3 is one of those games that you will either love or hate. The developer behind Machinarium has released a new adventure that is sure to captivate you for hours. In Samorost 3 you slip into the role of a space dwarf who one fine day came across a magic flute in front of your house. Where do you go from there There are many questions that need to be answered while playing the game.

As the game progresses, as the answers become clearer, your beautifully animated space dwarf will look great on a tablet. Samorosta can be touted as quite a difficult game as there is hardly any spoken language, instead you have to explore the area with pictures and melodies.

Here’s a pro tip: buy the game and try it to see if you like it, and get a refund if it doesn’t suit your taste.

Lumino City: A complicated puzzle game

Lumino City is a game that will overwhelm you with its detailed graphics. Because instead of simply designing the world in a 3D program and integrating the puzzles into it, the developer decided to put it together using real images. The graphics in this game mimic the shallow depth of field of images taken with single lens reflex cameras. For this novelty alone, it is worth trying out Lumino City.

The game itself is of course really fun! You play the role of a little girl Lumi who is looking for her grandfather. Your grandfather happens to be a caretaker in Lumino and has to use his skills almost everywhere.

To her shock and horror, he was suddenly gone! As the game progresses, you have to solve puzzles and gradually find out what happened to Lumi’s grandfather. There are around 20 levels full of tricky puzzles, but luckily there is help in the game to help you.

If you run out of ideas what to do next, you can always take a look at a manual that Lumi’s grandfather wrote down a long list of tricks in the world of Lumino.

Of course, there are many other games designed for Android tablets and iPads. Tell us your favorites in the comments!

This article is regularly updated to keep up with the times, so existing comments may refer to an earlier version of the article and appear out of context.

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