T-Mobile and OnePlus beat AT&T and Apple for the latest 4G LTE and 5G speed crowns in the US


Just hours after RootMetrics surprisingly released an in-depth new report on the US wireless industry T-Mobile ranks AT&T at the top of the 5G speed charts and it’s not surprising citing new data compiled by Ookla showing that the “Un-Carrier” beats the competition in several key aspects of the entire cellular network.

Before a third analytics firm inevitably pulls out another research paper claiming that Verizon actually leads the 5G race on a different methodology, it is definitely worth taking a closer look the latest nationwide mobile speed tests.

These are conducted in the first three months of the year and are broken down by cellular provider, smartphone manufacturer, smartphone model, chip set, state, and city. Some unexpected winners will be honored in some categories.

T-Mobile wins most of the titles among the country’s three largest carriers

Given Magenta’s market leading efforts spread both the low and Mid-band 5G love last year or so, it’s definitely not shocking to see the operator have a significant advantage over Big Red and Ma Bell in terms of the time customers spend on a 5G signal.
Specifically, Ookla measured the number of times 5G-enabled Android devices actually had access to 5G services (regardless of flavor) and found that eligible T-Mo subscribers spent 65.4 percent of their time on it 5G between January and March 2021, compared to just 36.2 and 31 percent, respectively, for Verizon and AT&T users.

But in addition to what could be called the 5G availability trophy of this report, T-Mobile also won the title of Top Performing 5G Network in the US, as well as gold medals for speed and durability.

That’s right, the “Un-Carrier” is faster than the conventional carriers for both 5G and the combination of 4G LTE and 5G services, at least according to the developers of the world’s most popular internet speed meter.

The consistency title means that T-Mobile delivered download speeds of at least 5 Mbit / s and upload speeds of 1 Mbit / s more frequently than its competitors, while AT&T and Verizon at least managed to knock out their common enemy and sharing the crown of wireless network latency.

The fastest mobile device in the US is not an iPhone 12 or Galaxy S21

This is probably not a completely fair comparison, but this is it OnePlus 8 has managed to outperform Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini, as well as that of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, both in medium download and upload speed in the first quarter of 2021.

OnePlus has impressively underpinned this victory by outperforming Samsung and Apple as well as LG and Google in the manufacturer category. However, both victories are marked with an important asterisk.

Apple and Samsung clearly have a significantly larger number of phones in use in the US, including many older models and 4G-LTE-only devices, which slow the brands’ average speeds.

The OnePlus 8 is also most likely used by more 5G customers than the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 series, which are more widely available in the US, even for those who have previously been less likely to have updated to the latest cellular connectivity standard.

What are the fastest states and cities in the US?

Before deleting some names of places speed junkies may want to move, it’s interesting to note that overall speed champion T-Mobile only managed to take home 11 individual state trophies, compared to 30 for AT&T and one (!!!) for Verizon and GCI (?!?).

Magenta also dominated the speed chart in 15 of the country’s 100 most populous cities, compared to a total of 33 such titles for AT&T, 14 for Verizon, and 37 cities where the results were too close to name a single winner.

Without further ado, the District of Columbia and the major states of Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Michigan with St. Paul, Minnesota, Jersey City are the regional speed leaders of the country, New Jersey, Washington , DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tampa, Florida, and NYC top the charts for major cities.

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