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The Octopus The news app is intended to be the go-to place for millennials when it comes to all kinds of news. What can this free app do? How can you download it on your iPhone or Android smartphone and is Squid only suitable for millennials? You can find the answers to these questions in our brief overview.

If you were wondering what or who millennials are, people born between the early 1980s and the late 90s belong to that generation. You have been exposed to the internet at a young age and therefore have an affinity for new media (although this is no longer taken into account). The Swedish company Njuice is behind the Squid news app and aims to become the main news source for millennials.

Features and benefits of Squid

Squid intends to offer its users a digital daily newspaper format. You will receive a personalized and interest-based news feed that contains images and the corresponding headings from various news sources. Squid users can choose from around 100 categories, which in turn draw their content from thousands of different sources.

However, these sources are not all local, but from different locations around the world. What you see, however, should be more than enough – at least for me. My feed includes sources from the technology, business and science categories, offers a varied selection and is intuitive enough to guide you to surfing from the start of the app. A more modern version of the classic RSS feed that we oldtimers may trust?

Too bad you can’t follow NextPit this way

What struck me as a sore point right from the start is this: I can’t pinpoint my favorite sources. However, it does just the opposite and allows me to permanently block news sources. This is a nice improvement as there are some news sources that feel almost like spam on my feed.

Chances are, these sources have been cited a lot, so the algorithm pushed them to the top of the pile. It also means that sites that I love to follow but that are not on the radar coverage of mainstream news networks are at a very real and present risk of getting lost in the shuffle.

Big pictures. Short headlines. No ads if you want

The Squid feed consists of the main images of the articles, the headline and a short excerpt, the main source and the category the story belongs to.

Banner NextPit 1

Big pictures and a neat design – NextPit in Squid / © Squid

Clicking on the picture in the article of the original source starts an integrated browser via the app itself. To maximize your squid viewing experience, you must accept all cookies and enable the necessary privacy notices, in addition to the images contained in the article and advertising. Commenting is also possible for this additional level of interaction.

Clicking the tab icon just above the main image will take you to your reader who will view the article in its Squid layout with no ads. However, all other functions that can be performed on a website are no longer available. For website owners like us, this is not optimal as it would mean that we would lose a source of income.

Save articles today and read tomorrow

Not making any money on NextPit is not a good idea at all! So read in regular mode. After all, we have to make an honest living. In return, I’ll tell you about my favorite feature! You can save articles by clicking the bookmark icon at the bottom of the article browser.

If you want to read these bookmarked articles later, just click the main menu and you can go through the list of bookmarks. I now use this to quickly scroll through my feed and bookmark anything that caught my attention. If I have time, I’ll read the articles later.

There’s one other thing that really bugged me …

Unfortunately, there are also many media sources that have a paywall. As online publishers, we naturally have the greatest understanding of the existence of payment barriers.

However, such restrictions will not be displayed in Squid’s feed. If the headline caught my attention and I want to read it, to be greeted by a paywall after selecting it is a huge disappointment.

Unfortunately, this problem is not all that rare – and so the disappointment is often great. A little tip: I’ve started to block such sources so that I don’t become the architect of my disappointment.

Simple and attractive user interface

What I really like about Squid is the fact that it invites you to browse, but without cluttering the app with fluff like unnecessary graphical effects or irrelevant features. It’s about finding and consuming interesting information quickly – and the app does an excellent job in this department.

Do you have to be a Millennial or Gen Z to use Squid or to think it’s cool? No not true.

Squid is probably not suitable for …

  • People who keep going to the same news sources.
  • People who are active on a website and who like to stay logged in.
  • Anyone who wants to quickly switch to the next page while surfing and reading – the requests for consent on data protection are unfortunately always irritating.

Squid should fit …

  • People who like to browse and don’t care which source they visit.
  • People who want an overview of different messages on one (or more) topics of their choice.
  • Anyone who keeps coming across interesting things and wants to bookmark them.

Where do I download Squid?

You can find the app in the Google Play Store, but also in the Apple App Store.

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