slack profile pronouns
slack profile pronouns

Slack added a small but useful feature to its platform. The company announced on Wednesday Twitter that the platform now has a special field where users can list their preferred pronouns.

The new setting allows users to enter their pronoun settings which will be highlighted on their profile. The company states that the option is available for all plans and is hidden by default. However, administrators can easily make the new field visible.

Slack Derrek pronouns

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Slack included instructions on how administrators can enable the new field. The edge notes that companies can still use custom fields that administrators may have created for pronouns, but they are not displayed as prominently as the new dedicated field.

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The move marks a shift towards a more inclusive workplace, especially while many companies continue to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instagram recently added a pronoun field to its application that can be found next to your name. If you haven’t already set that up, we can show you how to add personal pronouns to your Instagram profile. Twitter also told Android Central recently that it wasn’t against the idea, which would be helpful given the character limit on a user’s profile.

Slack may stumble upon new feature implementation from time to time, but this one is so simple that even Slack can’t go wrong. It’s definitely a change that many will welcome as it can help users abuse employees and create tension in the workplace. It might also help users avoid explaining their preferred pronouns all the time, though Slack may consider going a step further and showing pronouns in chat threads.

The new profile pronouns can be added and viewed on desktop and mobile devices like the best Android phones.

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Work from home with Slack

Slack is one of the best communication apps available in the workplace, especially when more people are working from home. The platform makes it easy to keep up to date with colleagues, send files and create separate group chats.


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