Shhh Rumor calls for watchOS 8 to receive Tips Contacts and Mind apps
Shhh Rumor calls for watchOS 8 to receive Tips Contacts and Mind apps

Shh! According to rumors, watchOS 8 will receive tips, contacts and mind apps

WWDC 2021 will be streamed next Monday, June 7th, from 10 a.m. PDT (which works until 1 p.m. EDT). What everyone is waiting for is all of the new features for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and more. We have already discussed Some of the things you might hear about on Monday when it comes to iOS 15.
Today we’re sharing some new features that are rumored to appear in watchOS 8. According to the developer Khaos Tian Write on Twitter (via MacRumors), Apple added some interesting names to the App Store manifest, including “” and “com.Apple.NanoContacts”. Because nano is an internal code name used by Apple for the Apple Watch it seems that the watch is getting native “Tips” and “Contacts” apps.
Tips for the Apple Watch are currently available in the Tips app on the iPhone under the Collections section. Tips it answers include how to quickly get help using the device, add a watch face, what to do when you need to ask Siri a question, how to open apps from the Dock, and more. And of course, you can look up someone’s name in the contact list and make a call with that person with a simple tap of the touchscreen.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has previously said that the next watchOS update will include health-related features, and it seems like Apple Watch users could be offered an app called “Mind” to help improve their mental health. The entry of the “Mind” app in the App Store manifest does not contain “nano”, which means that the “Mind” app may be available for watchOS, iPadOS and iOS devices.


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