bixby routines galaxy s20 ultra
bixby routines galaxy s20 ultra

Bixby routines on the Galaxy S20 UltraSource: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

Samsung just released a new Good Lock module called Routine +. The module acts as an extension of Bixby Routines, which allows owners of the best Samsung phones to set certain criteria to trigger various actions. Routine + takes it to another level by giving users more control over the triggers and actions Bixby can take.

Location-based actions take on another dimension, for example, by setting certain buttons or keys to change their function depending on the user’s location. So a long press of a physical button can open one app while you’re at home, but open another app while you’re at work.

Users can also set up a record of the actions they want their device to take. Touch Macro records touch actions and gestures for an app and saves them to trigger them later. So maybe you can create one for Instagram that, for example, will automatically navigate to the option to record a new role.

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Routine + also extends the use of the fingerprint sensor, which can cause Bixby to open a specific website or app when the phone is unlocked, depending on which finger you are using to unlock the device. The S Pen also gets new Air Action functions that can be assigned for different tasks. This function is not available on the newer Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, as a Bluetooth-enabled S-pen is required for the function. However, that’s good news for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra owners.

Finally, Routine + can trigger a custom voice alert for Bixby to notify users of a low battery on their device, which is great for accessibility.

Google Assistant routines are already quite handy, but fans of Samsung’s Bixby assistant may find these new routines quite handy. Otherwise, you can always turn off Bixby completely as Samsung devices have a choice of which assistant to use.

The new Routine + module is only available on Samsung smartphones with One UI 3.1.

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