samsung galaxy watch active review 5
samsung galaxy watch active review 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch ActiveSource: Daniel Bader / Android Central

Samsung could showcase the new Wear OS watch operating system later this month at the virtual MWC, which the company pointed out in its session description. Seen from 9to5Google, the company is unveiling its next-generation smartwatch experience on June 28th.

The description reads:

The Galaxy ecosystem of connected devices, services and partnerships offers people choice, freedom and opportunity. We’re reinventing smartwatches, creating new opportunities for developers and consumers. And we increase security and give people the protection they need in an open and networked world.

Samsung’s Tizen smartwatch operating system may be a well-known entity that leads to some of the best smartwatches in the world, but the company has opted to lean more towards Google over the past few weeks. The next entry on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch will be running an operating system that is heavily influenced by Google.

While we haven’t seen much of what this operating system will offer, we at least know that Samsung will introduce it to the world in early summer. The company will also show off how it plans to dress up the smartwatch to create a design that is related to its existing devices.

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One mistake Google made was allowing Android OEMs to create their own custom versions of Android while they weren’t allowed to do it for wearables. It was seen as a good thing, and it was at the consumer level. Users were guaranteed a consistent experience no matter which manufacturer they bought from.

From a manufacturer hoping to capture an Apple-like experience with their own devices, WearOS was basically unappealing. As mentioned earlier, users were guaranteed a consistent experience no matter from which manufacturer you bought. Google, embarking on this new, more open path, is likely to attract more OEMs to its side. Sure, some may think it’s too little and too late, but if Samsung leads, others will surely follow suit.

We’ll be taking a first look at this new operating system in the coming weeks.


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