samsung s foldable oled display
samsung s foldable oled display

Samsung S foldable OLED displaySource: Samsung Display

What you need to know

  • Samsung is showing some display concepts at this year’s Display Week.
  • One concept includes the supposedly double-folding smartphone, which is set to debut with an upcoming Galaxy Z Fold.
  • Other concepts include a device with a sliding display, a PC-like device with a 17-inch folding display, and a PC with a camera under the display.

One of the few tech events happening this week is the Display Week 2021 exhibition, where companies showcase the latest innovations in display technology. Samsung is one of the big names at the event, and the company just unveiled several concepts at the event (via SamMobile) and give us a glimpse into the company’s plans for its mobile devices.

The first concept (above) has been rumored for some time. The “S Foldable” OLED panel from Samsung shows a mobile device that can be folded up in two places. When folded out, it has a 7.2-inch display size, which makes it appear more tablet-like than some of the best foldable phones out there like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. However, it has been rumored that Samsung will rely on it prepared. Launch this display concept later this year together with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as the current product.

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Samsung also showed off a Slidable OLED display, similar to the LG Rollable that was once under development. Similar to how the OPPO X 2021 works, this device extends out from one side to show a larger display when needed.

Samsung Slidable Oled Display

Source: Samsung Display

Other concepts tend to focus on larger tablet and PC devices. One shows a 17-inch leaflet similar to the Microsoft Surface Duo’s larger, unreleased sibling, the Surface Neo. The other device is a more traditional laptop but with the Samsung Under Panel Camera (UPC) that many OEMs have developed for smartphones. This suggests that the technology might be available on Samsung PCs first, although some rumors suggest it will appear on the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold successor.

Of course, these are all concepts, so there is no telling if or when Samsung Display will actually develop these into mass market products. As Foldable continues to mature, it is good to see that the largest Android maker is already working on the next innovations for display technology. We at Android Central We’ve already rounded up some of our ideas for next steps for leaflets, although much of what Samsung was demonstrating seemed to hit many of our brands.

The future today

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Galaxy Z Fold 2

A more refined foldable one

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is one of the more sophisticated foldable smartphones on the market thanks to its large outer display and 120 Hz inner display. It has a pretty sleek design, good battery life, and impressive cameras. The Samsung Galaxy Z Premier service also provides 24-hour support and display replacement to owners of this phone.

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