Samsung Galaxy S21 Prime Day Deals what to expect
Samsung Galaxy S21 Prime Day Deals what to expect

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Ever since we found out Prime Day 2021 arrives in early June. We have made it our official duty to prepare you as well as possible. We want to make sure that you get the most out of an epic shopping spree and that you don’t miss any of the offers that will appear on the website this special weekend.
What can’t you love on Prime Day? On what has become almost a national day, we see deals and discounts for rival Black Friday year after year – and you can easily save hundreds of dollars on technology and accessories as long as you get it right. (We recommend that you follow them 5 essential shopping tips for the best experience!)
Well, we’ve gathered the information we’ve been able to get from last year’s sales so you know exactly what to expect when the big day comes. In this case, it is the relatively new Galaxy S21, which was released exactly four months ago.

…But wait! Before doing anything else, do this!

Before we go any further, let’s Make sure you are subscribed Amazon Prime. If you’re looking to enjoy one of Amazon’s Prime Day deals, you’ve come to the right place need have an active subscription.
Students get 6 months free, then you can continue to enjoy The numerous membership benefits of Amazon Prime at 50% discount. For the rest of us, the free trial is 30 days and the regular membership is $ 12.99 per month or $ 119 per year.
You can actually do that Share your Amazon account without breaking any rules! Of course, if you have a student in the household you can always get them to help you … (You didn’t hear from us!)

What can you expect from Amazon Prime on the Samsung Galaxy S21?

Last year unfortunately Samsung Galaxy phones did not get massive discounts Prime Day. For the most part, it seems like a rare thing that Galaxy flagships are just as massively discounted on Amazon as they are on Samsung itself or other major retailers or carriers.

Most Americans these days buy their phones direct from cellular carriers with a plan attached. Hence, these tend to see some of the bigger discounts.

When we checked Amazon Prime sales on the website last year Galaxy S20 (the then flagship of Galaxy) and earlier models didn’t seem much more than 20% below the original price. That said, you could buy the S20 for $ 800 for a while instead of $ 1000.

However, 20% off is not necessarily something to write home about, considering that you can get significantly better discounts elsewhere from time to time if you keep an eye out.

Because of this, we wouldn’t insist that you wait until then Prime Dayif you want to upgrade sooner rather than later. More like when you see an incredible offer that is really calling you elsewhere or sooner Prime DayYou might want to give it a try. And if we can help you find it through our regularly updated best deal tips, we will consider it a success!

(By the way, Amazon isn’t the only place where crowds congregate Prime Day. Other big stores can’t stand the fun and sales lost and have organized their own annual blowout sales over the same weekend. Last year, Best buy, Walmart, Target, and others gave Amazon Prime a run for his money with similar sales.)

The best deals for the Galaxy S21 right now

While we wait to find out if Amazon is going to break the pattern of measly Galaxy flagship deals and surprise us with something, we want to keep you updated with the best deals out there right now. This includes all American carriers and retailers as well as offers from the Samsung website.

You may want to keep an eye on this page and come back as we keep updating it with the latest and greatest discounts.

The best deals on the Galaxy S21 at Verizon

With similar offers everywhere, we hardly knew where to start. The flip of a coin established it Verizon– Where you can get those right now Samsung Galaxy S21 for literally free (Yes, you heard that right!) As long as you have an eligible trade-in and choose a Verizon unlimited plan.
You can use This link leads to Verizon and Check if your phone is on the trade-in list by clicking on “Show details” in small text below the bold offer. In the pop-up you will find a drop-down menu in which all authorized phones are listed. They accept most brands, not just Samsung. (You’re welcome!)

Otherwise it is worth buying a new phone $ 799.99 or more on one Unlimited plan also grants you one free $ 200 Prepaid Mastercard. And guess what – the two deals are stackable! (Don’t worry, we’ve read all of the little text for you.)

If you have a slightly taller model in your sights, this is it The Galaxy S21 + is available to some extent $ 800 off with the same trade-in offer mentioned above. Same goes for that Galaxy S21 Ultra Power pack that is available for as little as $ 399.99 if you meet the trade-in requirements. (You still need to purchase the new unlimited phone phone to be eligible.)
The Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 + actually have one Buy one, get a $ 1000 discount Deal too. (Father’s Day is on June 20th. Wink, wink.)

Best Galaxy S21 Deals at AT&T.

We don’t know who copied whom, but AT & T. has exactly the same trade-in offer as Verizon on the S21, but only runs until May 19. You can get up $ 800 off a new phone when you deal with yours and it’s authorized For the small text, you need to get an unlimited WiFi plan along with upgrading an existing line or adding a new line.

At the AT & T., the Galaxy S21 would cost you $ 26.67 / month for 30 months at the regular price. But if you meet the ideal conditions, it can go downhill $ 0 (free).

The next model that S21 +That comes either at $ 33.34 for 30 months or with the right conditions, as little as $ 6.67 / month.

Finally, that S21 Ultra can cost you as little as $ 13.34 / month with the right trade-in phone for maximum savings of 800 dollars.

Although we know many of you do not have the ideal handset to maximally trade 800 dollars Credit, you might rather qualify $ 300, $ 400 or shall we say $ 500 off – that wouldn’t be anything to make fun of either!

Best Galaxy S21 Deals at Samsung

Samsung All trade-in deals also have their own discounts on the S21, albeit a little different. At each level of the Galaxy S21 series, you can get up to $ 700 off Selling price with – you guessed it – a suitable phone to hand in. While sounds $ 700 lower than that $ 800 off Push porters, it comes fully unlocked, with no restrictions like unlimited plan requirements.

You still have the option to get one of the S21 Models on an installment plan for Samsung if you’d rather not pay upfront.

For the “Basic” Galaxy S21 (though far from it) regular funding for 24 months is $ 33.34, but if the max offer is applied it could potentially decrease $ 2.09 / month. Even if your screen is cracked, Samsung offers up to Exchange value of 450 USD. If you don’t choose to turn your phone on, Samsung promises up to $ 200 credit towards accessories.

There is also a $ 50 off Discount on the total retail price S21 Line at the moment if you choose carrier financing – which is stackable with the (up to). Instant credit of $ 700 Offer.

Best Galaxy S21 Deals at Best Buy

The current offers from Best Buy are pure and simple, with no conditions. Like Samsung, they have one too $ 50 off runs on ALL unlocked S21 models and memory variants. Unlike Samsung’s deal, you don’t have to choose an installment plan to take advantage of it. you just have to Activate it on the day of purchase.

That’s it for the best offers at the Galaxy S21 at the moment. Target and Walmart didn’t make the list because they are currently selling above retail prices.

This article is constantly updated so that you always stay up to date and don’t miss any offers. We’ll keep doing this all the way up Prime Dayand we’ll see what Amazon then puts on the table. As mentioned earlier, we doubt it will be much to compete with the other deals that pop up every now and then – but we’ll keep you updated.

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