Samsung cannot be spied on by anyone with its Galaxy SmartTag tracker


Samsung improved Apple earlier this year by introducing a Bluetooth-based object tracker called the Galaxy SmartTag. A few weeks later, Samsung followed suit with an updated version called the Galaxy SmartTag +, which added Ultrawide Band (UWB) technology to the mix for more accurate location tracking. While the premise is to make it easier for users to find objects like their car keys or watch their pet, a downside is that they can also be planted on someone for stalking. Samsung is aware of the problem and is addressing it with an update to its SmartThings Find ecosystem.

“In addition, the new function to search for unknown tags can detect that a Galaxy SmartTag that does not belong to you is traveling with you. With the press of a start button, Unknown Tags Search searches for unknown SmartTags and provides a list to ensure that no one is stealthily tracking your location. “ Samsung says in an official press release.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tags

The new The unknown tag search feature allows users to verify that a Galaxy SmartTag object is moving with them. Or to put it simply: if a tracker is secretly planted on you, the SmartThings Find app will let you know. The above function works for both the Vanilla Galaxy SmartTag and the UWB-enabled Galaxy SmartTag + Tracker.

In addition to the anti-stalking function Samsung also offers support for Bixby-assisted tracking. Now users can simply ask the AI ​​assistant for the whereabouts of an object. With the help of the SmartThings Find ecosystem, he can determine his location immediately. For example just say “Hey Bixby, where is my car key?” and it guides you to its location using the SmartThing app. Samsung also ensures that all location data is encrypted and that only you can access your tracker’s information.

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