royole stretchable micro led display
royole stretchable micro led display

Royole, who launched the world’s first foldable phone at the end of 2018, has now announced the first micro-LED-based stretchable display technology (via) Android Authority). The company claims the technology is “compatible with the industrial manufacturing process” so it may not be long before the first devices with Royole’s stretchable micro-LED displays hit the market.

Royole demonstrated a stretchable 2.7-inch panel with a resolution of 96 x 60 at the 2021 Display Week Symposium that offers stretchability of 130% and a convex bend of up to 40 degrees. The stretchable micro-LED display technology is also said to achieve a resolution of up to 120 pixels per inch (PPI) and enable much higher permeability than current flexible OLED display technologies. The high permeability of up to 70% makes Royole’s solution “highly applicable” for smart windshields and sunglasses.

In addition to vehicle design and biomedical applications, Royole believes that stretchable micro-LED display technology could also enable new wearable devices with improved durability. With the exception of ZTE, which introduced the Nubia Alpha with a flexible display for the best Android smartwatches, other tech companies have yet to experiment with next-generation display technologies for wearables.

Dr. Bill Liu, founder, chairman and CEO of Royole, said in a statement:

Royole continues to lead in flexible innovation. Extensible technologies mark the next frontier of technological advancement, enabling unprecedented applications and form factors for augmented and virtual reality, wearable electronics, biomedical applications, vehicle design and beyond.

Although Royole says its new stretchable display technology can be mass produced, it has not given a timeframe for launching production.


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