Resident Evil Re: Verse will not be released with Resident Evil Village and will debut this summer


Resident Evil Village is so close that players can now hear the sounds of Lady Dimitrescu chasing them. Resident Evil Re: Verse, on the other hand, has now officially confirmed the release of Summer 2021 and will not start next to the Resident Evil Village for single players as originally assumed. The news comes in the form of vague emails to Resident Evil ambassadors and an update to the Resident Evil Re: Verse official website.

Resident Evil Re: Verse should be released as a standalone multiplayer component alongside Resident Evil Village (and is included free for anyone who purchases Village). However, it appears Resident Evil Re: Verse will be released later this year instead of Village.

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In Resident Evil Re: Verse 4-6 players take part in a multiplayer game in deathmatch style. Players will start out as famous characters from the long-running Resident Evil franchise, but upon their deaths, they will be revived as deadly bioweapons characters and tasked with destroying their previous teammates.

It’s unfortunate that Re: Verse isn’t coming out this summer, but players can still prepare to jump into Resident Evil Village. If you’re still on the fence, you can even take part in the upcoming Resident Evil Village demo. Resident Evil Village aims to raise the bar for horror games and has a chance to join the list of the best PS5 games if it does.

Update, April 27, 2021 at 6:25 p.m. CT – Resident Evil Re: Vers is coming this summer but has not been delayed

Capcom released us a statement clarifying this during Resident Evil Re: Verse is Arrived in the summer of 2021, the game was not delayed. Resident Evil Re: Vers was thought to arrive with Resident Evil Village, but Capcom never confirmed that. The newly revealed window for Resident Evil Re: Verse is the first officially confirmed release window. Capcom’s comment follows:

“Today, for the first time, we announced a start timeframe for Resident Evil Re: Verse. So far we’ve only shared Resident Evil Re: Verse. We thank the fans and will be available for free to those who buy Resident Evil Village all of the dates announced were connected to the beta tests of the game. “

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Resident Evil Village is less than a month away. Get ready for a bloody experience as you dodge Lady Dimitrescu and try to escape the village in one piece.

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