nintendo switch
nintendo switch

We’ve had rumors of a possible Nintendo Switch update for a while now. The first time this happened in May 2020 when we saw rumors about Samsung and AMD components in the new Switch. However, the latest information could confirm part of what was said last year when a new Nintendo Switch Pro emerged in an unexpected situation.

It seems we’re getting a new Nintendo Switch soon, but not just a new color, like the latest addition to the Lite version that will be available later this week. We’re talking about a new Nintendo Switch Pro, or at least we expect it to be. The device was mentioned in a winning call. Steven Abramson, CEO of Universal Display Corporation, claims Nintendo selected an OLED display for its “new Switch Pro” because Nintendo could aim to offer its users an infinite contrast ratio and faster pixel response times.

Now you have to take this with tons of salt as we are not exactly sure we can trust the source. In any case, the new Nintendo Switch Pro has been mentioned as part of a description of the OPLED device market, which includes devices like the latest Dell XPS 14 and Samsung Galaxy Book Pro series. Further, MR Abramson mentioned the device while citing reports rather than confirming the existence of a new game console.

    Nintendo Switch

He could also speak based on rumors that have surfaced here and there over the past few months. These rumors suggest that Nintendo is sourcing 7-inch OLED panels from Samsung, which are expected to be available with a new Switch console later this year. Now we can’t totally reject the Nintendo Switch Pro idea, as rumor has it that new Nvidia chipsets are also available that allow 4K gaming when plugged into a TV. But in the end we just have to wait to get official confirmation for Nintendo’s new game console.

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