Poll of the Week: What are your favorite Android / iOS apps?


If you read NextPit a lot, you are probably well aware of the fact that I’m the one who typically searches the Google Play Store and iOS App Store and app repositories looking for mobile apps and games for my weekly “Apps of the Week” . Pillar. And while I didn’t say it out loud, I’m surprised to see weird apps that are weird for another reason. To be really popular!

Let me give you an example. On the French domain of NextPit, one of the best articles on Google and with very good traffic is a selection of the best compass apps from 2019. BUT WHY? I don’t know why so many people are interested in compasses.

This got my interest and this week I want to know from you, our readers, what are the weirdest Android and iOS apps or games that you love and that you have installed on your phone.

Are you a fan / adopter of a strange app niche?

First and foremost, we need to lay the foundations and identify the more subversive minds among us, those gold miners who dare to download betas and other early access apps in order to find that rare gem no one else is paying attention to.

I want to know if you have an unspoken preference, a fetish for a certain type of app that deviates from the normal norm for messengers, to-do lists, and other note-taking apps.

What are your favorite weird / niche apps?

Come on – you did the hard part, your app is out. But I want to go further if you don’t mind. I really want to know what kind of out-of-the-box apps you particularly like. It could be a category or a specific app. This app may have a real utility or no utility at all.

It is important for me to know your choice and especially the reasons for it. I want to understand trends that I don’t understand, like the “Mafia” type fad (or memes) in late 2020 that I still can’t explain to this day.

I’ve included a few examples below, but my list is light years away from being complete. I trust that you are not focusing too much on the survey itself. NextPit is neither INSEE nor IFOP. In this week’s polls, we are mostly interested in your opinions and explanations in the comments, more than the statistics.

Therefore, as always, I invite you to take part in the comments. In fact, to be honest, I hope some of you will give me ideas for future choices of uses that I would never have thought of.

Can’t find the Play Store and App Store catalogs original?

I often install Android apps that a student on the other side of the world developed in his spare time and with no resources. I see an interface that could use a little more care, but which clearly shows that this is a passion project. All of this reminds me of when I still had a gaming PC in college and installed random early access games on Steam.

While a lot of the apps in app stores these days aren’t of good quality, we sometimes come across a rare gem that is definitely worth a second look (and an eventual download).

Do you share this feeling? Do you think the apps that are available for download these days are not original?

Thank you in advance to everyone who will take part in this survey. As always, I really invite you to explain your choices and develop your reasoning in the comments. The debate is more interesting than the numbers. Finally, I wish you a good weekend and hope to see you next Monday to discuss the results.

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