NextPit whatsapp stop using it i dont feel so good2
NextPit whatsapp stop using it i dont feel so good2

According to WhatsApp, the vast majority of WhatsApp users have already agreed to the new terms and conditions. But that also applies to them NextPit Community or did you look for alternatives in good time? This is exactly what we want to find out in our poll of the week.

Anyone who has ventured in any form online in the last few days will have noticed: WhatsApp has started a first-rate shit storm with the new changes to its terms and conditions! Of course, we have also reported on it and compiled a detailed overview of all changes to the General Terms and Conditions.

The deadline for acceptance is May 15th. However, since the date has been known for some time, we’d like to know if you’ve already made up your mind.

Question 1: Have you accepted the new terms and conditions?

According to WhatsApp, the new terms of use are primarily intended to simplify communication between private individuals and companies. However, by accepting them, you also enable the company to share more user data with Facebook. This is precisely why many users and experts see the changes as critical.

WhatsApp said in a statement that “a majority of users have accepted the new terms”. In my private circle of friends and acquaintances, I also see few users who have switched to a WhatsApp alternative. How is it with you?

Personally, I held back to accept the new terms and conditions. Typical postponement of responsibility, but I think at some point I’ll be forced to agree to the terms. Attempts to persuade important social contacts to switch have already failed. But I’m talking about alternatives.

Question 2: Have you switched to an alternative?

In the comments under our WhatsApp articles I read the settings for certain messengers. The fact that Elon Musk is for the free alternative signal is no longer a secret after his Twitter message in January.

Drake Meme WhatsApp Alternatives Hero2

WhatsApp alternatives are definitely a reason to recreate famous memes from across the web! / © NextPit

As we wrote in an older article, Signal has also gone to great lengths to attract WhatsApp skeptics. That way, it’s really not difficult to beat the meager functionality and design of the popular Messenger. A topic that we will go into in more detail in our reasons against WhatsApp.

First of all, I would like to ask you a second question: Have you switched to an alternative due to the new terms and conditions, would you like to stay with WhatsApp or have you previously forbidden or never used Messenger?

I can already see the cool kids bragging in the comments that they never used WhatsApp! But please don’t hit WhatsApp advocates in the comments. If you like the app, just use it to reach out to your friends and sacrifice a little privacy for it. You have the right to do so!

Question 3: Which alternative did you switch to?

Last but not least, as part of our survey of the week, we can choose an app that emerges as the winner from the entire WhatsApp chaos. Which messenger app do you think is the best alternative? It doesn’t necessarily matter which messenger you use, so I didn’t enable multiple selections.

To take the wind out of the sails for readers who prefer to communicate with a galvanic telegraph, I have selected and listed the 10 most popular messengers from the Google Play Store above. For Apple fans I have of course also listed iMessage, and for everything else there is the “Other” column!

While the entire WhatsApp issue is a controversial topic, I’d love to hear your motives for switching or staying on WhatsApp in the comments. I myself believe that the social component plays a bigger role than many users think. So stay objective friends!


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