Next Tuesday (1), Google will end its “promotion” for unlimited free storage space for Google Photos users. While the offer has some limitations, it was unbeatable when compared to other image sharing and backup services. But is the space constraint enough to encourage migration to another service? That’s what we want to know in this week’s poll.

With the change, photos sent from computers or synced through the app on Android or iOS will now count towards the storage limit for the Google profile – 15 GB by default for new accounts – shared between Google Photos, Drive and Gmail .

It is important that photos and videos uploaded before the date of the service still do not count towards the storage limit as long as they are in “High Quality” mode (which sets the maximum resolution of files to 16 megapixels for photos and 2 megapixels / Full HD for videos).

Is the Google Photos storage limit a reason to switch service?

You can see how much storage space is currently available in your Google profile on the “Manage Storage” page. There, the company uses your uploaded file history to estimate how long it will take you to run out of free storage space.

In my case, when I was 17 years old Forgotten Saved emails, I just seem to have an extra year of free space to go, just in time to celebrate the growing up of the account, time to sign up for the Google One plan, right? Or is it better to think about a service change?

Remember, you can still have unlimited space for the service. Photos and videos that are synchronized from Pixel smartphones still do not count towards the limit of the profile storage space – in the case of Pixel 3 without changing the resolution until January 31, 2022.

Another alternative that Brazilian member of our community Jairo Rios remembers is to juggle between different user profiles, but the solution is not that straightforward for most people and requires careful management on the phone.

Would you buy a Google device to add more storage space?

In addition to Pixel phones, another way to expand the storage space in the Google account is to take advantage of the additional storage space offers that are offered to the buyer of a Chromebook, as the German reader Thomas mentions (a saving of around 30 euros / dollar for a year). But is that a reason to buy a device from the company?

Which service do you use or do you intend to use?

Given the limited space on your account, some people may be wondering if it’s time to switch photo and video storage services. Google offers an easy way to download the files to your computer or even transfer the photos and videos to competitors like Flickr or OneDrive.

That brings us to the last question of the week. What media storage service are you using or planning to use?

AndroidPIT Google IO 2015 Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage

RIP unlimited free storage: May / 2015 ~ May / 2021 / © Andr NextPit

Next Monday (31) we will be in touch with an analysis of the responses from Next pit Community around the world. Will the end of the convenience of “unlimited” photos on the phone be an incentive to use a dedicated camera (DSLR, MILC, etc.) more often?

Thanks to everyone who took the poll this week. Please take a moment to explain your answers – including tips on syncing and storage, as well as other hosting services. Oh, and if you have any suggestions for a future poll here at NextPit, just comment.


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