god of war giant
god of war giant

Sony has been on the news a lot lately. Following a report from Bloomberg that implied Sony only looked after its biggest blockbuster franchises – a move I believe will shoot itself in the foot – Push Square found a job ad pointing to it indicates that PlayStation is looking to bring the same blockbusters to mobile devices.

The new role of Head of Mobile at PlayStation Studios will be based out of his San Mateo office. According to the job posting, potential employees will “lead all aspects of expanding our game development from consoles and personal computers to mobile & live services, with an emphasis on successfully adapting the most popular PlayStation mobile franchises.”

It makes sense that PlayStation would want to get into the mobile games business, considering it’s a billion dollar industry. Microsoft has had great success with Xbox Game Pass for Android. PlayStation has a Remote Play app, but it’s not the same. PlayStation is clearly seeing some missed opportunities here and is looking to capture its own place in the wireless market.

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PlayStation’s Head of Mobile is asked to create and execute a 3-5 year plan for its mobile division. So it looks like a plan that should continue into at least the first half of this generation of consoles. The PS5 was released in November 2020, and while it’s incredibly difficult to buy a PS5 right now, Sony still wants you to get into their ecosystem.

Although there are no specific game series specified in the job list, it is easy to imagine that “most popular franchises” focus on the likes of “The Last of Us”, “Uncharted”, “Ghost of Tsushima”, “God of War”, “Horizon Zero Dawn” and many others refer to Mehr. Sony is not lacking in cinematic AAA experiences. Bloomberg’s report even said Naughty Dog is already remastering The Last of Us for PS5. Sony wants its best games to be played for years to come – as long as they’re not too old.

We may not see any final products from this initiative anytime soon, but it does give us a glimpse into the future of Sony: big blockbusters on the console, potential spin-offs or ports on mobile devices. Time will tell if the strategy is successful.


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