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Another weekend is here and it’s time for me to introduce you to my selection of paid / free apps that I think are worth a second look. While I search for most of these apps myself, I’ll add a few suggestions that come from members of the NextPit community. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s selection of apps!


Flexcil is a very popular note-taking app for the iPad and is already well known. But it has only just been released on Android. Flexcil is based on a freemium model, so you have the basic functionality but have to pay with in-app purchases to unlock advanced features.

Specifically, it’s about being able to open and view PDF files while you take notes – without leaving the application or switching to multi-window or split-screen mode. Flexcil was originally developed for use with tablets and obviously supports pen gestures.

I could write 50 paragraphs on each feature of this app, but it’s best to try if you’re interested.

5 apps week 17 2021 flexcil

Flexcil has already shown its capabilities on the iPad, and Android tablet owners should now be interested in it / © NextPit

You can download the Flexcil application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Yes, another application for taking notes. It’s the same principle as Flexcil, but with a simplified and more intuitive user interface and functions. The nice thing about Upnote is that the editing process can be carried out on the fly without having to review the text again.

Format, font size / color, add bulleted lists, insert photos, and more. Everything is quickly accessible from the same screen. With the premium version, you can even add HTML elements, spreadsheets or other files.

As with Flexcil, the only downside is the price. A one-time purchase of € 14.99 if you want to unlock everything for life, or a monthly subscription of € 0.82 is required.

5 apps week 17 2021 Uppnote

I think I’ll keep this note-taking app on my smartphone for once. / © NextPit

You can download Upnote from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Wow clock

Wow Clock simulates a folding clock with a retro look. The user interface is so intuitive that it is hidden. No buttons, no displays, swipe to view settings. A long press selects between the three main modes: clock, timer and stopwatch.

I really liked the animations with the scrolling digital tiles, the timer is also very nice and allows you to play soothing sounds. Many watch faces are available to customize your watch.

A “Pro” version is available for $ 2.99 to remove occasional ads and unlock more features.

5 Apps Week 17 2021 Wow Clock

Well, it’s not a weather app, but it’s not bad. / © NextPit

You can download the Wow Clock app from the Google Play Store.


Untrack is a privacy app that claims to remove tracking data from URLs before sending it to your browser. After installing Untrack, you need to set the app as the default browser.

From then on, every link you click goes through this application before showing up in the browser of your choice. This is an effective way to protect your privacy as websites don’t know if you are from Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The developer is working on bypassing Google’s AMP pages and shortened URLs. The app costs € 2.09, contains no advertising and obviously does not require an account.

5 apps week 17 2021 Untrack

Clean up your links before clicking on them or freeing them up for Untrack / © NextPit

You can download the Untrack application from the Google Play Store.

Smash legends

Smash Legends is a “Brawler”, a fighting game inspired by the famous Smash Bros license from Nintendo. You face multiple opponents in a flying arena and the goal is to inflict enough damage to blow your enemies into the air and then fall into the void until there is only one left.

Multiplayer and competitive games mean in-app purchases, of course. But personally, I downloaded it earlier this week and have not yet felt the urge or need to invest any money in it.

You can download Smash Legends from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

What do you think of this selection? Have you tried any of the apps on this list? What would your apps be of the week? Share your opinions and especially your good tips in the comments! If you are looking for a specific type of application do not hesitate to let me know so I can tailor my research and selections to suit your needs!

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