OPPO Watch 1 1024x473 1
OPPO Watch 1 1024x473 1

Last year, OPPO launched its smartwatch, the OPPO Watch, which received positive reviews and was touted as a competitor to Samsung smartwatches in the Android space. The device became official with Snapdragon Wear 3100 and offered average performance. Now it looks like its successor, the OPPO Watch 2, is getting a much-needed hardware update to improve its performance.

According to a table shared by XDA Developers, the upcoming OPPO Watch 2 details have surfaced through the firmware files.

OPPO Watch 2 model numberssizeColor (derived from hexadecimal values)
OW20W346mmDusty gray (# FF9B9B9B)
OW20W146mmMine shaft (# FF1F1F1F)
OW20W146mmSteel blue (# FF4285A1)
OW20W246mmMine shaft (# FF1F1F1F)
OW20W242 mmGold Sand (# FFE9BA9B)
OW20W242 mmWater leaf (# FFAAE6E9)
OW20W242 mmMatisse (# FF2255A3)

According to the report, the OPPO Watch 2 is powered by the Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform, which is mentioned in the build properties file as “msm8937_32go”. The new version of WearOS, which Google developed together with Samsung, should run on the smartwatch.

As a reminder, the original OPPO Watch came with 8GB of native storage. A build properties file has now revealed that the Watch 2 will have 16 GB of built-in memory. The report also reveals that the smartwatch will offer features like new watch faces and a stress detection function. In addition, it comes with a new OPPO Relax app.

The OPPO Watch 2 has the same square dial as its predecessor. It should come with e-SIM support for LTE connectivity. OPPO is also rumored to be working on a smartwatch called OPPO Watch Free. It is still unclear whether the Watch Free and OPPO Watch are the same device or two different watches. However, on the way to launch, more information about the OPPO Watch 2 is likely to emerge.

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