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With the announcement of Android 12 on Google I / O came the beta reveal for the new operating system. Many companies are taking part in the beta program for Android 12, which is intended not only for developers but also for Android fans and enthusiasts. However, it seems that things are not going well by the end of OnePlus. The company has stopped beta for its phones due to user reports of brick-built OnePlus 9 devices.

OnePlus announced on its forum that it is pulling the Android 12 beta download links for the OnePlus 9 series “based on user feedback on this thread.” Many users complained that their phones would not go beyond the “copy data” page even if they chose not to copy any data.

The same thing happened to me while trying to install the Android 12 beta on my OnePlus 9. The phone doesn’t go beyond the setup process where the device checks your old Google account for FRP (protection on factory settings). Others have also found that restarting the phone resulted in a startup loop. Even if you try to reboot using the Power + Volume Down button, the phone will not move past the Copy Data screen.

If you are one of those affected, don’t fret. This type of bricking is easy to fix with an EDL recovery. XDA developer Have a guide on how to use the tool to remove a device. It uses the Qualcomm chipset’s emergency download mode to make it easy to disconnect your OnePlus 9 devices.

It should be noted that a beta is not intended to be installed on your primary device. We don’t recommend trying the beta software if you only have your primary device available. If you still want to experiment with Android 12, we recommend waiting for the official open betas in a few months.

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