Official new product video for Sonys WF 1000XM4 wireless Bluetooth earbuds leaks
Official new product video for Sonys WF 1000XM4 wireless Bluetooth earbuds leaks

We showed you guys last week Leaked press photos of Sony’s WF-10000XM4 wireless bluetooth earbuds distributed by Evan Blass. Today, an official new Sony product video for the TWS wearables leaked Reddit and has supported pretty much a lot of the features and specs we’ve heard of before. The device has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and, as the video confirms, is waterproof to IP-X4, which means that the buds are protected from splashes from all directions.
The WF-10000XM4 supports Qi wireless charging, and with ANC enabled you should have up to eight hours of battery life, 12 hours with ANC disabled. The supplied charging case offers 36 hours of playtime when fully charged and, if necessary, a quick 5-minute charge for 60 minutes of energy. Sony’s speak-to-chat mode is mentioned in the video and this feature mutes any audio you hear as soon as it detects you’re talking to someone.
The video says that compressed audio files sound better with DSEE Extreme and ambient sound mode lets you hear your music along with sounds around you. It’s similar to the transparency mode on the AirPods Pro, which lets you hear surrounding sounds like cars passing by and other traffic noises while listening to music. This mode could save your life because without it, you could be walking through a Manhattan zebra crossing listening to Aerosmith at full blast without hearing the sound of an engine revving in front of you.

The earbuds are powered by Sony’s new V1 processor. Google Assistant is built into the earbuds and is loud WinFuture the price in Europe will be € 279.90; that makes $ 341.30 USD. A possible release date is not yet known.


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